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Is there a ZENA welder with 115V AC output?

No. ZENA welding power generators produce DC welding current only -- at voltages which are defined by international welding equipment specifications.

In most cases, where intermittent AC current is required, particularly for operating small power hand tools, engine driven AC generators are quite wasteful and inefficient -- as well as being considerably more expensive than other options.

For example, continuously operating a vehicle's engine at the appropriate speed to produce 110V-120V AC power from a belt driven generator just to produce a few hundred watts to operate a small power tools wastes a lot of fuel. Further, very precise (and typically very expensive) engine speed control is required to insure that the proper AC frequency (typically 50 or 60 Hz) is produced by the generator so as not to damage the equipment which is to be powered by the generator.

Since Y2K, ultra low cost/high quality AC inverters which produce precisely regulated 60 Hz, 120VAC current from 12VDC (or 24VDC) battery power are readily avialable. These devices offer a much more efficient and cost effective means to produce small amounts of AC power (600 to more than 2.5 KW) for mobile applications.

For example, a 600W AC inverter unit, which retails in the USA for less than $70, can easily power a small 4" disk grinder and/or a 3/8" variable or fixed speed drill -- as well as providing ample power for recharging battery powered tools of all types. And a 1200W inverter will provide ample power for a 7" disk grinder or a 1/2" drill. The use of such inverters for AC power does not require the vehicle engine to be operating, and these devices typically include a number of safety features that make their use for field power of tools and equipment quite appropriate.

For people who need continuous AC power production (for days/hours), a engine driven generator (exactly sized to the load) is the most efficient and cost effective solution.


From time to time, we get questions about operating tools and other devices with DC current. We DO NOT recommend doing this -- EVER.

While you may hear of individuals successfully operating some types of tools from welders, and/or alternators which produce high voltage DC current (often at voltages which are not within welding industry standards), we believe it is unsafe to do so -- UNLESS the tools and/or devices being operated are labeled. by their manufacturers, as being specifically designed, and approved, for such use.

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