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Subject Index -- Frequently Asked Questions

How is it possible . . . ?Do you expect me to believe that . . . ?Why haven't I heard about . . . ?

Why haven't I seen your welders at my local welding supply store?
Why does my welding supply store say that they don't know anything about ZENA welders?

How large of an engine, or motor, do I need to drive a ZENA welding system?

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Power Generator


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Question Index -- ZENA mobile welding equipment
How can it . . . ? How can something like your ZENA welding system possibly work?
Do you expect me to believe that a tiny ZENA welder can put out as much power as you say?

Why haven't I heard about your welders?
Will it last?

How can your product be so inexpensive -- and yet out perform mobile welders which cost 5 times as much?
Which Model to Buy I have a '99 Tahoe pickup truck. I want your 150 amp., 100% duty welder. You have more then one 150A welder listed. Which model should I order, the MW150?
  I want a welder for my tractor. Is the MW150 what I need? Do I need any accessories?
  What does the term duty cycle mean?
  Do you have buyer recommendations that will help me determine which model I need?

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Welder Installation How long does it take to install if I do it myself?
  Can I do it myself?
  Is installation difficult?
  Do you have installation kits?
How large of an engine, or motor, do I need to drive a ZENA welding system?
  Should I install the Power Generator in addition to my existing alternator, or should I replace my alternator with the Power Generator?
  If we use the ZENA welding power generator as the vehicle's alternator, does welding drain the battery?
  Does the unit require a certain rpm range from the host motor?
I figure they might require at least 3000 rpm or so.
  Can the ZENA 150A welder be hooked up to an electric start 5 hp motor (with a 12v starting battery and a small motorcycle alternator for charging and power for welder control circuits) -- and become a portable welder?
Do you have plans & kit to assemble this setup?
  I love the way the ZENA welder on my truck works -- is it possible drive it from an electric motor so that I can use it in my shop?
  I have one of your competitor's products --- an alternator type combination welder and power unit with 120V DC power.
I'm using it on a Ford Diesel 3/4 ton 4x4. Their welder is very marginal in its ability to weld -- even with my engine running at full speed!
How will a ZENA welder perform on my truck?

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AC Power Supplies Does the ZENA welder provide power for electrical tools?
  How would I take 120V off one of these units for my grinder, etc.?
  Is there a ZENA welder with 115V AC output?
What is a DC Genset?
I have hear that this sort of generator is used to produce DC power very efficiently.
How does a ZENA power generator work with this sort of equipment?

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DC Power Supplies Why do you so stridently recommend AC power supplies? What about using the DC output of your ZENA welder to directly power tools? I heard that this can be done. Wouldn't this be cheaper and/or easier?
  Does your generator provide DC power? I have heard that a "chopped DC" is much easier on switches etc. Is this what you do, and do you have any comments on this?

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Power Generator Is the Power Generator an automotive alternator?
  What makes the ZENA power generator different from a standard alternator? It looks like an alternator to me.
  Can a 150 or 200 series power generator replace a regular alternator in a car or truck? Would it still put out 150 or 200 amps @ 12 volts? What is the price?
  Why don't I have to vary the engine speed when I'm welding?
  Can more than one ZENA welder be attached to a single engine?
  What is the aluminum case that is attached to your power generator? Is this a voltage regulator or does it control the welder?
  What is "high-frequency" DC? I thought that DC meant unchanging voltage (like a battery)?
  What is the benefit of ZENA's high frequency DC to a weldor? Is it some sort of square wave?
  I don't understand what you mean when you refer to "controlled variations" in welding current. Is this a TIG welder?
  What does the term "duty cycle" mean?

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System Controls Do you have pictures available of your control mechanism? Is it a solid state unit? Are large capacitors used? Where is it installed?
  I see that your have controls on your electrode holder/welding handle, are there any other controls, switches or gauges in your system?

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Reliability Will the ZENA welding system stand up to commercial use?
  What sort of warranty comes with ZENA welders?
  How can the ZENA warranty be so long?
I've checked, and other underhood welders which use alternators for welding provide very short warranties. For that matter, except for the most expensive engine driven welders, the ones made by the most well known manufacturers, no other engine driven welder comes with a warranty like yours. How do you do it?
  What is ZENA's guaranteed overhaul / flat-rate rebuilding cost policy? How does it work?
  Is the ZENA system easy to service?

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Quick Charging What do I need to use my welder as a quick charger?

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Other How are people using ZENA mobile welders?
  Will a ZENA welder function as a MIG power supply?
  Is a MIG welding torch attachment available for your welders?
  I've been looking at your welding system. I didn't see any information about MIG, TIG, or Flux Core welding using your welder as the supply. I'm more interested in the MIG and Flux Core possibilities than the TIG.
  Are you looking for distributors in our area?
  Where can I buy stock in your company?
  If they're so good, why haven't I heard about your ZENA welders before?
  I currently own a "red" 225 amp welder, and was amazed when I saw your product. I couldn't believe how small it was, and what it put out!
  I am curious if your 150A welder can be used as a TIG welding power source? Since it's 100% duty cycle, and high frequency, I figure it can.
  Do you have information regarding using the ZENA welder as a MIG or TIG power source?
  I heard about a product called the Ready Welder -- a MIG spool gun that uses a battery for a power source. Can the ZENA generator act as a power source for this device?
  Why don't I see ZENA welders at my local welding equipment store?
  What is your Local Product Contact Program?
Terms What does the term "duty cycle" mean?
  What do the terms "constant current" and "constant voltage" mean?
What is MIG Welding?
  What is TIG Welding?
  What do you mean by the term Disruptive Technology?

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The ZENA mobile welding system is manufactured in the USA by ZENA, Incorporated and is sold with a 36 month limited warranty.

You have no risk if you buy on-line, all units are sold with a 60-day money back guarantee of satisfaction.

ZENA is a trademark owned by ZENA, Inc. for its welding systems and related products.

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