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A bit about us:

ZENA, Incorporated is an United States company which has been in business since 1986, designing, manufacturing, and marketing sophisticated, high tech, special purpose welding equipment and a wide range of DC generating systems -- including high amp alternators, marine alternators, DC Genset components, and non-standard DC power supply and charging systems (including power for Car Audio/Autosound and CB Radio applications).

Triggered by discussion with our marine alternator customers, ZENA has recently designed and is now marketing a unique combination boom brake, boom vang, and boom preventer designed to increase safety for off-shore sailors in sailboats ranging from 20' to over 60' in length.

A "Welder for the World" -- Our Corporate Mission:

We believe that our welding equipment has an important mission to perform in the world economy.

Welding equipment of this quality, available at an economical price, can make a gigantic difference in small, remote places.

A welder capable of performing industrial strength repairs in remote locations can be a key tool in a small farm or as a communal resource in a small village -- offering its owners a tool of unparalleled quality and reliability which direct enhances their ability to feed the people to whom they are responsible.

Our current product offerings include:

The ZENA® mobile welding system -- a unique self-contained, compact, engine-driven high frequency DC welding system which can be attached to any existing vehicle engine (tractors, automobiles, trucks, emergency vehicles, construction equipment, mowing equipment, nursery equipment, mining equipment, logging equipment, military equipment, amphibious/all terrain vehicles, and water-craft) -- converting the engine/vehicle to a sophisticated and powerful mobile welder.

High performance, high current, ambulance/commercial duty alternators designed for augmentative and off-grid charging applications with all types of bestiaries -- including lead acid and lithium types.

High output marine alternators and unique multi stage voltage regulators designed for continuous output -- in corrosive environments -- even when used with very large battery banks.

ZENA® welders

Are designed for continuous duty commercial welding applications.

ZENA welding equipment can be used where conventional welding equipment simply cannot function -- anywhere in the world, farm to desert, it's an all weather workhorse with no-compromise specifications and industrial strength performance that has received critical acclaim, for more than 20 years, from every professional welder who has used the equipment.

Best of all, ZENA's welding equipment can be purchased for only a fraction of the cost of comparable commercial welding equipment.

In fact, you can purchase and professionally install four 150 amp ZENA welders for less than the cost of one name brand engine driven welder with comparable specifications.

With the development and introduction of the ZENA mobile welding system, our experience, proprietary welding technology, and corporate efforts have been focused on the production of ultra low cost, ultra high performance welding equipment targeted at a world market.

Our welding products are very special and unique. In fact, the ZENA mobile welding system is a true example of what the what the Harvard Business School calls disruptive technology. We are disruptive enough that you will probably never learn about our products from conventional distribution channels which are controlled to a large degree by large long established welding equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Nevertheless, we believe that our new technology welding equipment can make a real difference in people's lives. This equipment was designed to focus on the special needs of individuals and/or companies in US and foreign countries involved in activities such as agriculture/farming, industrial maintenance, construction, homesteading, ranching, and boating (commercial and/or pleasure) -- people who need superior tools that can operate reliably and safely in remote locations.

When installed on an emergency vehicle, a disabled military vehicle in combat, an off-road vehicle broken down far from a town, or on a boat cruising far away from any maintenance or support facility -- our welder can even make a life or death difference!

Knowing this makes us all very, very serious, and highly focused, on product reliability.

ZENA® Alternators

are high performance, high current alternators which utilize the reliability and incredible welding power generating technology developed for the ZENA® mobile welding system.

ZENA® Marine Alternators

are high performance, high current alternators which utilize the reliability and incredible welding power generating technology developed for the ZENA® mobile welding system.

Additionally, ZENA provides specialized, pro-bono consulting services for the disabled

Focusing on the needs of severely disabled individuals who have been UNABLE to find help from conventional state, federal, and non-profit agencies (who typically focus on off the shelf solutions) -- to identify sand/or conceptualize adaptive technologies which will assist them in achieving vocational goals, ZENA offers free, engineering, and consulting services.

ZENA can also help to arrange the fabrication of unique equipment and/or devices.

In some cases, where vocational goals include self employment, we may also assist individuals with consulting on product design, product development, manufacturing, and marketing of products that they have conceived.

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