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ZENA¨ Power Generating Products

ZENA, Incorporated's products include:

The unique ZENA® mobile welding system -- a complete line of ultra compact, 100% duty cycle, multi-process (Stick, MIG, and/or TIG) DC arc welders which can be attached to, and driven by, most engines -- including heavy equipment and vehicle engines.

ZENA® welders come in various sizes (maximum power capacities) -- ranging from 150 amps, to over 1500 amps! The most popular models (for small engine and vehicle field repair installations) are our 150, 200, and 250 amp units -- each of which weigh less than 50 lbs., and take up less than a cubic foot of engine compartment space!

All ZENA welders are 100% duty cycle, come with a three year warranty and, are made in the U.S.A. (Tennessee).

ZENA, Incorporated also markets a number of derivative products that are based on its patented DC power generating technology as well as a line of unique welding rods designed for special welding applications that normally require bulky and expensive special equipment and/or bottled gases.

These specialty welding rods are particularly well suited for field repairs in remote locations.

ZENA's DC power generation systems can produce DC voltages ranging from as little as 6 Volts DC -- to over 144 Volts DC -- at amperages ranging from 20 to over 1500 amps!

ZENA® DC Generator Products Include:

Powerful 12V and 24V Marine Alternators

High-Amp Marine Power Generating Systems -- various voltages -- adaptable to both primary engine and secondary engine/genset systems.

Powerful 12V and 24V Automotive Alternators well suited for use in emergency vehicles, military vehicles, vehicles with large/powerful car stereo systems, etc.

Automotive Power Generating Systems well suited for High-Power 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V DC Boosting / Battery Charging and/or for Hydrogen Generation and other electric vehicle applications

DC Gensets -- Including Hydraulically Driven DC Gensets and Off Grid Power systems

DC Genset Components for marine, off-grid power, and other high-power DC power supply requirements

ZENA also produces a wide range of Custom DC generators and DC generating components and accessories:

Custom Generator Drive Engine Controls (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

Engine Speed Controls (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

Custom DC Power Generators and Generating Systems -- including systems for electric vehicle and off-grid/home power applications (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

DC Power Generating Components for Mobile Hydrogen Generators and other types of Portable Hydrogen Generating Equipment (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application)

Power Generator / Alternator Bracketing Components

Generic Alternator Bracketing Components -- suitable for automotive and other engine retrofit applications

Custom Bolt in Brackets for Most American Made Pickup Trucks and other work vehicles used in the U.S.A. -- for mounting a secondary alternator dedicated to powering non-stock installed electrical components/systems

ZENA® Special Purpose No-Gas™ Welding Rods

Braze without the need for an oxyacetylene torch, hoses, regulators, or gas bottles.

Arc Weld Stainless Steel OR Aluminum without the need for MIG or TIG equipment or shielding gas.

Reliably weld dissimilar materials -- ferrous to nonferrous, special alloys to mild steel, etc.

Repair brass, bronze, iron, and aluminum castings.

Cut, gouge, and bevel steel without the need for an oxyacetylene rig or air-arc cutting equipment!

® ZENA is a registered trademark owned by ZENA, Inc. for its welding systems and related products.
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