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ZENA¨ Power Generating Products

ZENA, Incorporated's products include:

The unique ZENA® mobile welding system -- a complete line of ultra compact, 100% duty cycle, multi-process (Stick, MIG, and/or TIG) DC arc welders which can be attached to, and driven by, most engines -- including heavy equipment and vehicle engines.

ZENA® welders come in various sizes (maximum power capacities) -- ranging from 150 amps, to over 1500 amps! The most popular models (for small engine and vehicle field repair installations) are our 150, 200, and 250 amp units -- each of which weigh less than 50 lbs., and take up less than a cubic foot of engine compartment space! All ZENA welders are 100% duty cycle, come with a three year warranty and, are made in the U.S.A. (Tennessee).

ZENA, Incorporated also markets a number of derivative products that are based on its patented DC power generating technology as well as a line of unique welding rods designed for special welding applications that normally require bulky and expensive special equipment and/or bottled gases. These specialty welding rods are particularly well suited for field repairs in remote locations..

ZENA's DC power generation systems can produce DC voltages ranging from as little as 6 Volts DC -- to over 144 Volts DC -- at amperages ranging from 20 to over 1500 amps!

ZENA® DC Generator Products Include:

ZENA also produces a wide range of Custom DC generators and DC generating components and accessories:

  • Custom Generator Drive Engine Controls (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

  • Engine Speed Controls (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

  • Custom DC Power Generators and Generating Systems -- including systems for electric vehicle and off-grid/home power applications (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application )

  • DC Power Generating Components for Mobile Hydrogen Generators and other types of Portable Hydrogen Generating Equipment (call for info. and/or to discuss your particular application)

Power Generator / Alternator Bracketing Components

ZENA® Special Purpose No-Gas™ Welding Rods

  • Braze without the need for an oxyacetylene torch, hoses, regulators, or gas bottles.

  • Arc Weld Stainless Steel OR Aluminum without the need for MIG or TIG equipment or shielding gas.

  • Reliably weld dissimilar materials -- ferrous to nonferrous, special alloys to mild steel, etc.

  • Repair brass, bronze, iron, and aluminum castings.

  • Cut, gouge, and bevel steel without the need for an oxyacetylene rig or air-arc cutting equipment!

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