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Welding System Installation Accessories/Bracketing Components

We offer a number of accessories for the ZENA mobile welding system -- including a number of special purpose welding rods which make it easy to cut or gouge metal in the field.

Some of the more popular accessories are depicted here. CLICK HERE to see more.

NOTE: At any particular time, ZENA's products may vary in details of design and construction from the photos shown here.

A300 Universal Weldable 2" Pivot Mounting Bracket
A300A Universal Adjustable Aluminum 2" Pivot Mounting Bracket


A215 Alternator support / belt tensioning bracket
A220 Heavy Duty Alternator Support /
Belt Tensioning Bracket

AIRT101 Spring Loaded Belt Tensioner

Fully compatible with the UB2 bracketing kit as well as all other ZENA bracketing components, the AIRT101 is a fully adjustable bi-directional spring loaded belt tensioning device designed to be used with an idler pulley in a V-belt drive system to maintain a constant belt tension (10-30 lb.).

The use of such a device can GREATLY improve belt performance and belt life.

Automatic Engine Speed / High Idle Control

This is our most popular accessory for vehicle installations.

While not necessary for proper equipment operation, an automatic engine speed control will save fuel and reduce engine noise when welding for extended periods. The model ASC1 is controlled electronically by the ZENA system. It automatically increases your engine speed to your preset welding speed when you activate welder power then reduces your vehicle engine speed to your normal idle speed whenever you are not actually welding.

NOTE: This accessory can also be used in a "stand-alone" configuration as a low cost high idle control for emergency vehicles and service vehicles of all types which have a vehicle vacuum source available.

The ASC1 uses engine vacuum for its actuator operation. However, for engines / applications in which a suitable vacuum source is not available order our model ASC3. This model uses an electrically activated actuator.


photo of ZENA ASC1 automatic engine speed control components

Automatic Engine Speed Control

Quick Disconnect Kits for your welding cables

BJ150.4 Quick Disconnectphoto of ZENA BJ150.4 remote cable connection accessory

WSC.C Custom length cable/control setsphoto of ZENA's combination welding cable/welding control system


External Voltage Regulators

photo of an external voltabe regulator which can be used with the ZENA power generator to convert it to an automatic battery charger

Welding Lead Extension Accessories Increase Convenience
(various models/types available -- including custom
and segmented/variable length welding cable systems)
Various models/types are available These devices allow the use of the ZENA power generator as a high current alternator or quick charger)
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