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ZENA® Special Purpose Welding Rods


Of course, there are hundreds of different rod types designed for sticking two pieces of steel together. But there are also other special rod types, than most people don't know about, that can be particularly helpful to those of us doing repair, restoration, and/or fabrication work out doors.

For example:

You can braze without the need for an oxyacetylene torch, hoses, regulators, or gas bottles.

You can weld stainless steel OR aluminum without the need for MIG and/or TIG equipment -- or shielding gas.

You can reliably weld dissimilar materials -- ferrous to nonferrous, special alloys to mild steel, etc.

You can repair brass, bronze, iron, and aluminum castings.

You can even cut, gouge, and bevel steel without the need for an oxyacetylene rig -- or a very expensive, and very cumbersome, air-arc cutting rig!

You won't likely see these types of speciality rods at your local welding supply store. But don't despair, as a service to our customers, we make our own line of special function welding rods which contains all of the rod types that we think that you'll find most useful in the field.

We stock and sell these rods packaged in convient to use 1/2 lb. or 1 lb. boxes through both our Online Store and (for call in orders) our parts department.

Other packaging options are also available by special order. Just call and let us know what you need.

Don't confuse our high quality specialty rods with surplus industrial rods that you will see from time to time on the internet. These industrial rods may require very special handling for proper/acceptable results -- and they are often impossible to use except when working indoors under special operating conditions.

For example, other stainless arc welding rods that we've seen for sale require complicated preheating and curing processes and may even require the use of special temperature control mechanisms and even shielding gas for proper results.

Our welding rods work in the field -- we use them ourselves -- and, we guarantee your satisfaction!

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Arc Brazing Rods
Cutting / Gouging Rods
Stainless Steel Rods
Aluminum Arc Rods
99% Nickel Rods
Cast Iron Rods


For more information, check our Welding Supplies Specifications and/or our Online Store, Welding Supplies Section for current pricing/ordering or call our order desk (toll free) at 877- ZENA INC (weekdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST).

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