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unique welder controls

Electrode Holder/
Welder Control


ZENA mobile welding system

is a self-contained, ultra-compact, new technology, engine-driven DC welder which can be attached to any motor (including pneumatic and hydraulic motors). A number of models and/or configurations are available, ALL with 100% duty cycle welding power outputs ranging from 150 to over 800 amps.

The photos in this section identify the various components which are used in the welding system and which are referred to elsewhere in this web site.

ZENA welders feature a unique electronic control system that is completely different from that of any other welder. Fingertip controls, built into the electrode holder, make welding easier for the novice and offer the experienced user unparalleled control of the welding process.

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These unique welder controls also provide new safety features particularly important to industrial users who want the safest possible equipment for their employees and to individuals using the ZENA welder in difficult environmental conditions.

WSC.20 Welding Cable/Control Assembly

High quality, 20 foot long welding cables are standard equipment on all models.


Longer length cables (from 30 to up to 200 feet) are available on a custom order basis.

And, thanks to ZENA's new power generating technology, ZENA welders will operate with no appreciable degradation in welding capability when using these long custom cables.

ZENA's modular welding power generators provide the muscle that makes the ZENA welding system go.

ZENA makes two different modular welding power generators -- 150 and 200 amp. They may be used singly, or in electronically synchronized combinations, to produce welding currents ranging from 150 amps to over 800 amps!

The SR150 150 amp Welding Power Generator is our most popular model. It is capable of generating 150 amps of high frequency DC welding current (standard polarity or reverse polarity) continuously (100% duty cycle).

The SR200 200 amp Welding Power Generator will continuously (100% duty cycle) generate 200 amps. of high frequency DC welding current (standard polarity or reverse polarity). This model is a popular choice among our commercial users, and is also used frequently in rebuilding motor driven welders.

With exceptional ability to generate very high levels of DC current, the SR200 is the Welding Power Generator chosen most often to supply supplemental or primary power to
marine electrical systems as well as to emergency vehicles and other special-duty vehicles.

  photo of SR150B power generator   photo of SR200 power generator

Unidirectional SR150 Welding Power Generator
(used in MW150 series products


Bi-directional SR150B Welding Power Generator
(used in MW150B series products


Bi-directional SR200 Welding Power Generator
(used in MW200 series products



Bi-directional SR200 Welding Power Generator
(used in MW200 series products


Er350 External Voltage Regulator
(used in MW240 and MW250 series products


WC.1224RO Power Control
(used in ALL welding systems

That's not all our welding power generators can do!

Multiple welding power generators can be operated independently while being driven by a single engine. Imagine how fast a job can be completed with two or more weldors working at the same time!

Built in the U.S.A. to meet or exceed military and underground mining equipment specifications, all ZENA welders are ultra-compact, producing more power, with less waste heat, than any previous welding power generating system without sacrificing reliability or performance in any way. Just check out our three year limited warranty!

Compact sizing also makes installation into existing vehicles easy.

NOTE: We may, at any time, make changes in our product design which enhance performance and/or reliability. Therefore, at any particular time, ZENA's products may vary in details of design and construction from the photos shown here.

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