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What is high-frequency DC? I thought that DC meant unchanging voltage (like a battery)?

Your understanding of what is meant by the term DC is not correct. There seems to be a lot of confusion about just what the terms AC and DC mean.

In the field of electronics,

Direct current flow can have a number of forms:

It is still Direct Current as long as the electrical current flow is in a single direction. Such current can vary in an infinite number of ways and still be DC as long as current flow in held to a single direction within the electrical circuit.

In the ZENA mobile welding system, the term high frequency DC (HFDC) has a very special meaning:

With the ZENA welding system, the term high frequency DC is used to describe a special condition where the direct current flow in the welding circuit (arc) is caused to vary, very slightly, in a special way, under electronic control, with the tiny variations happening at a very high speed, so as to produce greatly improved welding characteristics when compared to a conventional welding current generating system of the type used in standard engine driven welders, or in welders which use automotive alternators as welding current generators (which often refer to high frequency DC in their specifications).

In the ZENA welding system the high frequency current transitions / variations occur at least 18,000 times per second, and will typically exceed 21,000 times per second.

HFDC current provides a three very substantial benefits in the ZENA welders:

For more on HFDC -- CLICK HERE

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