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High Amp.

Custom Bolt-in Brackets
        Installation Information
---> Piggyback Installation Diagram
---> Generic Bracketing Components
---> UB2 Universal Bracket Kit
---> Bolt-In Custom Bracket Sets




Welding System Installation
Photos. Videos. & Diagrams

Example of Dual Alternator / DC Generator Bracketing















Do it yourself Bracketing
        Welder Accessories
---> Add-A-Pulley power take off
---> UB2 Universal Bracket Kit
---> Generic Bracketing Components
---> MIG & TIG Adapters

ZENA 150 Amp Welding
System Demo Video

      Dodge Truck w/Cummins Diesel Engine









Auto Sound Alternators

Bolt Together Bracketing
        Engine Driven Welder Repair

Welder Rebuilding

Kubota L2350 Tractor




Kubota Installation Bracketing
                        DC Genset Components         Hydraulic Drive Welders      

Weldor's V8 Chev

      84 Chevrolet Farm Truck
                        3 Year
        Ultra Compact BackpakTM Welder      

John Deere Gator

      Gravely Lawn Tractor







No Fault
        Service Truck Welders      

Ford 3950 Tractor




Ford PS Diesel Service Truck













60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee         Farm Welders      

Jeep Wrangler 4X4




'Jeep Renegade 4X4















        Marine Welders      

93 Chevrolet Service Truck




Dodge V-8 Truck (using UB2 bracket kit)



















Mission Statement         Welders for Off-Road Applications      

Chevrolet Astrovan




94 Chevrolet Service Truck














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Rebuild an Engine Driven Welder



Murray Lawn Tractor
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Do It Yourself Free Standing Engine Driven Welder

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Lifts / Man Lifts / Scissor Lifts
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Cutting Rods

(Cut Metal, Braze, Weld Aluminum
or Stainless Steel WITHOUT Gas)








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e trucks (particularly popular are Ford Chevrolet and Dodge Diesels) and all types of 4x4's (including Jeep, International, and Toyota), this welder can also be installed on all types of heavy equipment, including backhoes, front end loaders, track loaders, forklifts, and tractors as well as all types of utility vehicle.