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A Murray 18 hp Lawn Tractor equipped with a ZENA welding system

The following pictures detail a lawn tractor installation.

In this installation, the front of the tractor was selected as a mounting point, and the ZENA mobile welder was installed secondary to the existing alternator and electrical system.

This is another view of the mounting scheme.

In this installation, the location chosen was in direct line with the tractor's exhaust -- and exhaust gases were directed directly into the power generator. Because of this, the exhaust had to be redirected and sheet metal heat shields were placed between the power generator and the tractor engine. (In retrospect, mounting the power generator to the rear of the motor would have made the installation much better.)

Note the welding cable carrier that was built from some PVC pipe pieces.

SR150 Welding Power Generator mounted
on Murray lawn tractor

A close up of the installation point. A universal mounting bracket was used to mount the power generator to the tractor, and a turnbuckle was used for support and belt tensioning. The use of wing nuts and retaining pins make the generator easy to remove without tools.

ZENA power generator attachment

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