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Add-A-Pulleytm power take off kit information page

We are currently out of production on the AAPK accessory.

The machine shop that was building key parts of this product closed as a result of Obama era economic conditions -- and other factors.

As times have changed (and engine compartments have gotten tighter and tighter), our customers (particularly our commercial customers) more and more frequently are choosing custom bolt in bracket kits rather than do-it-yourself "piggy back" installation. They are also choosing 200 amp, or larger, welding system for vehicles about three times as often as they did when we first started building welding systems. The AAPK was designed to work best with 150 amp welding systems.

We are currently looking for a new vendor but have not as yet found one that will provide us with the quality product that we need, at the price that we need, in order to keep selling the AAPK without a significant price increase. (Quotes that we have received so far would cause the AAPK's price to more than double!)

If You Need an AAPK:

A do-it-yourself AAPK can easily be made by mounting an extra 4" (+/-) OD cast iron or cast steel 1/2" V pulley (of the type that mounts to a drive shaft by means of a G or H size split taper bushing) in front of an existing serpentine belt alternator pulley (usually a good idea to do your work on a new replacement alternator pulley).

Attachment is usually accomplished by having a local machine shop cut a shallow centering groove into the 4" pitch diameter pulley (or to use any other method that the machinist may prefer) -- making it fairly easy to tack weld, or braze, the V pulley to the existing alternator pulley (or to use a combination of the mentioned attachment methods) -- with the ZENA welder (or other belt driven accessory) driven from the newly attached V pulley.

This is how we, and our customers made, AAPK's before the bolt on product was developed.

About the AAPK (Historical Data & Pictures of Applications):

The ZENAtm Add-A-Pulley is a unique accessory which makes welder installation easy on vehicles equipped with serpentine belt drive systems for underhood accessories. The Add-A-Pulley provides a means to securely fit a 4" diameter V-pulley, which can accommodate automotive V-belt sizes from 3/8" to 1/2", in front of the existing alternator pulley -- providing a convenient means to drive a ZENA welding power generator -- eliminating the need to redesign the existing serpentine belt system to accommodate a welder installation.

Each Add-A-Pulley kit comes with all adapters and parts necessary to fit the device to ANY automotive or marine alternator. The diagram and photos below illustrate how the Add-A-Pulley is used and fitted to a typical serpentine belt pulley equipped alternator.

Top View showing ZENA Add-A-Pulley power take off accessory attached to existing vehicle alternator, in front of existing serpentine belt pulley
Detail of Add-A-Pulley power
take off kit components (typical)

Side View of Add-A-Pulley alternator power take off accessory

Chevrolet truck installation in which Add-A-Pulley power take off is used to drive ZENA welding power generator

Close up showing Add-A-Pulley power take off mounted to existing alternator factory equipped with stock Chevrolet serpentine belt pulley (before installation of power generator mounting bracketing)

Side angle view of Add-A-Pulley power take of pulley mounted to existing alternator, driving ZENA 150A power generator

Side view of ZENA power generator installation showing Add-A-Pulley power take off in use

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