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Custom Bolt-In Alternator Bracket Kits
Custom Bolt-In Hydraulic Pump Bracket Kits

Want a ZENA power generator under your hood?

Don't have time to fabricate a bracket for your full size truck, or service van?

High quality, custom bolt-in alternator bracket kits that can be used for mounting our SR200 and SR150 series power generators in addition to the vehicle's existing alternator are available for a number of popular full size trucks:

Typical Custom Bracket Kit -- Ford Diesel
Click to See/Download Full Size Drawing


  • Ford Trucks
  • Freightliner Trucks
  • Larger Ford Vans
  • Freightliner Vans
  • Chevrolet Trucks
  • Peterbilt Trucks
  • Larger Chevrolet Vans
  • Isuzu Trucks
  • Dodge Trucks
  • Mitsubishi Trucks
  • International Trucks
  • Sterling Trucks

Some of these kits can also facilitate mounting of dual ZENA generators for applications that need higher welding and or charging currents (i.e., 300 or 400 amp -- in some cases even 450 or 600 amp).

Bracket kits are also available for fitting hydraulic pumps for applications that need this capability to drive vehicle mounted hydraulic accessories such as our ZENA hydraulic drive welders, and ZENA hydraulic drive DC generators as well as hydraulically driven vehicle accessories/tools -- i.e., air compressors, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic actuators, etc.

These bracketing kits are complete, fully engineered, custom bolt-in bracket sets that fit like OEM equipment. Frequently there is little need for modification and or rerouting of underhood hoses, tubes, and/or accessories.

Note: These bracketing assemblies are special order items that typically require from 5-20 working days to ship.

Call or e-Mail for availability information and/or a quote on a custom bolt-in alternator bracketing kits for your truck.

Call 615-897-2011 now to discuss your specific application.

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