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"the world's finest hydraulically powered commercial duty welders"

ZENA hydraulic welders have been used successfully for the last 7 years in a large number of industrial portable welding applications -- as we as serving as DC power supplies / generators for applications ranging from the ultra efficient production of AC power to ultra high amp battery charging -- even serving as power sources for industrial chemical and mechanical processes.

Designed to mount in the open cargo area of service trucks and other vehicles and/or mobile equipment -- where hydraulic system specifications can vary considerably, where compact size is important, where extra protection from hard knocks and/or the elements is required. These general purpose units hit this mark exactly!

However, close communication with companies installing belt driven welders in OEM applications -- as well as individuals and companies using our welders (both belt driven and hydraulic) in a wide range of industrial welding applications (particularly construction work utilizing personnel lifts and drilling operations) convinced us that, by modifying our job proven hydraulic welders, we could perfectly meet their specific needs for:

  • easy to install, light weight / high power / high quality welding equipment, with
  • workhorse, all-weather reliability,
  • a very long service life,
  • ease of installation / maintenance, and
  • a damage resistant, user friendly operator interface.

We also felt that offering an incredible value when compared to conventional equipment of similar capability would not be a bad idea!

Since construction companies operating onboard welders on personnel lifts experience a huge increase in productivity while significantly reducing operating costs -- we knew that the demand for this equipment was there -- so we set out to design the perfect welder for aerial lifts and drilling rigs. (It's also fantastic for larger service vehicles)

In this, we exceeded even our expectations! So now we offer our:

Second Generation Hydraulic Welders Designed for Construction Welding

Directly addressing the needs of rental and construction equipment owners/operators all over the world (particularly for operators of existing manlift equipment*), our "second generation" hydraulically driven welders / DC power generators, coupled with an improved, easier-to-install and/or retrofit, 2 wire remote welding control system, make an unbeatable package!

This ZENA 2 wire remote control system can also be used with ZENA first generation
/ general purpose hydraulic drive welders -- as well as for belt driven/direct drive installations.

Our second generation hydraulic drive welders have been designed to offer the ultimate in maintenance free reliability for some of the toughest customers on the planet.

Individuals and companies who use their equipment in all weather conditions -- often in the roughest conditions imaginable -- with operators who are frequently even tougher on the equipment than the environment!

Sensitive to the equipment owner's need to control service and maintenance costs, we have designed this equipment to make upgrade and service incredibly easy!

Best of all, these machines are configured to make them easily retrofittable to existing equipment -- eliminating the need to replace perfectly serviceable lift equipment just in order to take advantage of the many benefits afforded by a built in welder!

Pick your application below -- select the hyper-link or picture to learn more!


1st Generation Hydraulic Welding Systems


2nd Generation Hydraulic Welding Systems


HW200 Hydraulic Drive Welder (Truck Style)
200A 100% Duty -- 10-20 gpm @ 2000-2500psi
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HW400F Open Frame Hydraulic Drive Welder
400A 100% Duty -- 16-20 gpm @ 2000-2500psi
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Need ultra portable welding equipment that can
go anywhere on a job site? Including a lift platform.
Check out our
Backpak welder.

The term manlift equipment includes all types of:

  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts
  • Stick Boom Lifts
  • Straight Boom Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Knuckle Booms
  • Vertical Personnel Lifts
  • Towable Boom Lifts
  • Telehandlers

Prominent manufacturers of such machines include companies such as JLG and Genie Industries.

ZENA, Backpak, and HydroWeld are trademarks owned by ZENA, Inc. for its welding systems and related products.

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