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Special Welding Controls for
Aerial Lifts
* / Construction Equipment

Want, or need, to use electrode holders and welding cables WITHOUT built in controls?

Yes, you can use regular welding cables with the ZENA mobile welding system.

In fact, this sort of control interface has become our "standard" for equipment being used in rental applications, OR for applications where welding is being done in VERY difficult conditions where a "normal" grip on an electrode holder is often impossible.

Man lifts operate in environments where things like welding cables disappear, are dropped from 100 in the air, are run over, lost, walk away, etc. Therefore, we recommend that, unless our standard remote controls are mission critical, an alternate control system be used. While these alternates controls may not allow the operator to control welding current while actually "running a bead", they do provide a more "bullet proof" interface for rental equipment -- with all modular welding system controls installed inside the platform control panel -- where they are well protected from most hazards.

The lift operator has a single welding current control (power) dial on the lift control panel and a toggle switch to turn the welding system on, or off. For 400A welding systems, a second toggle switch is also panel mounted to provide the operator with the ability to select a low and high range of adjustment for their power dial (20-200A or 40-400A). A momentary contact switch, is the final control element -- used to speed up the lift engine and simultaneously activate the power generating equipment to produce current for arc welding.

If desired, the momentary contact switch can be eliminated -- replacing it with an automatic switching device -- our TOUCHSTART tm control system.

With the TOUCHSTART control system, no mechanical or electrical operator controls are necessary to start, or stop, the welding arc -- on/off control is completely automatic! And, another control, which could be damaged or lost on the job site, is eliminated -- further enhancing field reliability.

This TOUCHSTART control module automatically senses when there is good electrical contact, suitable for welding, between the operator's welding electrode tip and a work piece to which the ground clamp has been connected. As a safety feature, the switch ignores poor electrical contact. For example, a connection through the body of the welding equipment operator when changing welding rods will not cause the system to activate.

You can see why our TOUCHSTART control system has become, by far, the most popular control interface for ZENA welders used in severe duty rental service aerial lift/stick boom applications.

These alternate control options are available:

  • as standard equipment for our HW200F.Man and HW400F.Man hydraulically driven welding systems for aerial personnel lifts, and/or
  • as replacements for our "stock" welding cables/controls, OR
  • as specially priced add on items.

Combinations of automatic and manual controls are also available -- as are controls which enable the welding system to produce DC current for battery charging, lighting, or high-quality AC current production by inverter.

Want a remote control system that eliminates the need for small multi-conductor/shielded control cables -- one that lets you use existing spare lift control wires?

Our recommended welding control system for aerial lifts requires ONLY 2 CONTROL WIRES (3 wires for 400A welders), and one extra control module, for complete welder control!

Even better, ANY existing ZENA welding system can be easily upgraded, in the field, to this configuration.

Any two wires will work for this interface -- even spare wires installed in your boom during manufacturing!

Our 2 wire remote control system also makes interfacing MIG welding equipment -- both spool guns and CV/CC compatible spool feeders -- to your lift mounted welder easier than ever before.

CLICK HERE to take a look at a wiring diagram for a typical two wire control installation.

Call us at 615-897-2011 to discuss your specific application.

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The term manlift equipment includes all types of:

  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts
  • Stick Boom Lifts
  • Straight Boom Lifts
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Knuckle Booms
  • Vertical Personnel Lifts
  • Towable Boom Lifts
  • Telehandlers

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