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Great Welding Controls = Great Welds

The most advanced commercial-duty engine-driven welder in the world

ZENA mobile welding system logo

has patented the worlds most advanced welding controls!

We put ALL welding controls in your hand -- just where they should be!

With the ZENA mobile welding system, our patented welding power generation and control system, gives you total control of all welding functions from controls built into our electrode holder.

There is no need to vary engine speed to control or adjust welding power, nor do you have to go back and forth between the vehicle and your work to make adjustments to controls. With the ZENA system, it is all done with three controls (two push buttons and a dial) that are literally at your fingertips (or, in the case of our foot operated controls, at your toe tip), and which make welding a real pleasure.

  • Our “boost” control makes it easy to start and maintain a welding arc in difficult conditions -- increasing welding current until your arc can be established.

  • For your safety, power is only supplied to the electrode holder when the you depress and hold the “power” push-button. Work in tight spots without accidental arcing. Change rods without getting shocked -- even while standing in water! (more on this below)

  • The power control dial precisely, and instantly, controls welding current. You can even adjust welding current/power while welding -- providing the operator with an extraordinary, and unprecedented, level of control over weld penetration and overall weld quality.

Our welding controls make welding SAFER than ever before.

Unlike most conventional welders ZENA welders do not produce welding current until you need it -- and until you activate a power control switch.

This feature, of course, saves a great deal of fuel, strain on the driving engine, and eliminates a lot of waste heat which would otherwise have to be removed from the generating equipment (greatly increasing equipment service life) -- but, the primary reason for this feature is operator safety.

For example, should you drop the electrode holder, or should your hand slip while welding, the ZENA control system will instantly shut off the welding current generator. The result? No sparks, arcs, shocks, and a greatly reduced chance of fire, eye damage, and/or burns.

Unless you hold the power button in the "on" position, no welding current it produced. You can easily get yourself and your electrode into position -- even in very tight or difficult spots -- without any danger of inadvertent arc production. Saving you from possible eye damage, burns, or even a possible explosion. Now, when you change welding rods, you don't have to worry about getting a shock for your trouble! Even if you're soaking wet and standing in water!

This welding control system will really spoil you!

Want or need an electrode holder WITHOUT built in controls?

Yes, we have "standard" welding controls also. A great option for equipment being used in rental applications OR for applications where welding is being done in VERY difficult conditions where a "normal" grip on an electrode holder is impossible. These optional controls are also perfect for manlift/aerial lift/platform lift/sicscorlift applications -- particurarly well suited for rental equipment.

While not allowing you to control welding current while you are actually "running a bead" these controls also have some very neat features. For example, you can use various types of momentary contact switches with your standard welding cables (much as we do with our TIG adapters) to provide positive/fail safe ON/OFF control of welding current, engine speed, gas valves, etc. OR, you can use our "TOUCH START" control system to automatically turn your welder (and/or any accessories used with the welder) "ON" whenever good, metal to metal, electrical contact is made between your electrode tip and whatever your ground clamp is connected to -- turning the welder "OFF" again, automatically, whenever you break the welding arc.

These alternate control options are available as replacements for our "stock" welding cables/controls OR as specially priced add on items. Call us for more information -- Or, to discuss OEM applications.

We also have controls for applications other than stick welding.

For example, for MIG welding with MIG spool guns we use a power control interface adapter to provide the operator with all of the functions that are basic to ZENA mobile welding systems. When the adapter is in use, power is controlled by a dial mounted on the adapter and the operator uses the spool feed button/trigger to control welder power (On/Off) as well as wire feed control. (For some models we attach a separate power button to the body of the MIG electrode gun.)

When MIG welding with a MIG spool feeder (MIG suitcase welder) which has been equipped with a ZENA adapter, the power control dial is mounted on the control panel of the spool feeder and, as with the MIG spool gun, On/Off control for the welder is controlled by the wire feed control button on the welder's torch.

When the ZENA system is used to provide power for TIG welding, On/Off control is provided by a foot switch and power control is accomplished by means of a control dial (or, optionally, by means of a special foot control which combines On/Off and power control.

And just as with our standard stick controls -- all adapters make provision for the same sort of on/off control which makes our stick welders so safe and easy to operate.

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