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People are often skeptical about our welders. This is natural -- we make a truly incredible product in a world full of junk that people pass off as just the opposite. From the time that they are children, people learn, often the hard way, that many (if not most) products are simply not what they are cracked up to be.

So, we like skeptics! Most of our sales are based on word of mouth. And, over the past 7 years, we have found that our very best spokespeople are often the ones who were huge skeptics before they became ZENA welder owners.

We have also found that, when we don't have a retailer in the local area, it often helps our new customers to be able to speak to someone who already owns a unit. That's what our Local Product Contact program is all about!

We value our customers privacy and we do not feel that it's appropriate to simply tell one customer about another. So, unless we have prior authorization to do so, we do not give out information about our customers. (For this same reason, we do not sell mailing lists, use our web site to gather personal information about visitors, etc.)

Through the Local Product Contact program (LPC), maintain a list of people (located in strategically selected areas within the USA) who allow us to give out their phone number, on a strictly one to one basis, to others who are interested in our welding products.

People who qualify (depends on location and product purchased), are a afforded a substantial discount from our normal retail price on the purchase of a single MW150, MW150K, MW150KB, MW200, MW200K, MW200KB -- OR, even a new BPW150! (Yes, even the new Backpak welder!)

Their only "responsibility" under this program, is to allow us to give out their name, phone number, and e-Mail address to other prospective customers. When a prospective customer calls a LPC they simply tell them about their experience with our welders. That's it!

Many LPC's find out that there is even less "work” than this. Oddly, over the years, we have found that often when we give someone a LPC to call, the prospective customer does not always call.

If you are interested, give us a call at 615-897-2011 or toll free at 877-ZENA INC (the "Z" is a 9) -- or send an e-Mail to contact@zena.net.

REMEMBER, the names and phone numbers of Local Product Contacts are not, and will never be, published on our web site (or in any other way), nor will such information be shared with, or communicated to, any commercial entities. This information is only disclosed, privately, on a one to one basis, by our staff, when speaking, or communicating, directly with prospective customers living near a particular Local Product Contact.

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