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NOTE that in order to save space, and your time, the thousands of "best welder I've ever used" messages have not been listed here. Instead, we have listed those that tend to answer common questions that we receive regularly.

I'm responsible for the maintenance of our fleet of trucks - concrete mixers, dump trucks, tractors and an assortment of trailers. We do some pretty heavy welding around here in all conditions and positions - horizontal, vertical, upside down, clean, rusty, you name it. I'm completely impressed with my 200A ZENA welder. It welds every bit as well as our brand new $3000+, 650 amp 3-phase Miller stick machines (we have 2) and it's a much better welder than our older Lincoln - at or below 200 amps, of course. We also have two portable gas powered Miller welders, both of which are rated at 250 amps, and my new ZENA runs circles around both of them. It's so much smoother than our other portable welders. It really isn't even comparable. I also really like the stinger with the heat adjustment and boost control right on it. Very convenient. I think it's safe to say that we will never buy another gas powered welder for one of our service trucks as long as we can get a ZENA.

The installation was a piece of cake. The wiring is self explanatory and the vacuum throttle control was simple once I found a suitable bolt. In fact, I actually hooked it all up and then opened the manual. I am very pleased with my purchase. In fact, on two occasions, I've used the ZENA welder rather than our big Miller shop welder. The result is the same either way. And, man is it smooth! It's unfortunate that I happen to have one of the least fuel efficient gas engines, as far as "newer" pickups go, anyway. But how many people can say they have a V-10 welder? I know we'll be in touch when my uncle's gas powered Miller goes down.

Feel free to put that on your web site if you'd like - even use my name. Heck, if anyone wants to hear about it, they can even call me.

Thank you,

Helena, MT

I want to add my heartfelt thanks to the ZENA folks for producing the marvelous 150A welder. I rigged it up with a 12HP Kohler cast iron engine, put an 8" sheave on the engine along with the 3.2" sheave on the power unit. This combo delivers about 7000 rpm at a decent engine speed and burns long and hot. I've welded for a long time, used all sorts of different units. The ZENA has more oomph that you'd expect from a 150A unit. It really is ergonomic, the unique amperage adjuster on the handle is pure genius. I'd recommend this unit full bore to anybody. I've been around the block a lot, this unit takes the cake. I'm in Connecticut and if you need a look-see or recommendation, ask the ZENA folks. Always glad to help out promoting this fine unit.

Putnam, CT


What other people say about the ZENA welders are true. I didn't have a pickup to install the welder into, so I built a mobile welding cart. It's powered by a 13 HP Honda engine.

I built the frame with 1" tubing and the deck and guards from 10 G steel.

It worked great in the shop and I had an opportunity to field test it by welding a mobility scooter carrier to the back end of a 20' pull trailer. As soon as I get that pickup, I'll be buying the 200 amp system. I have the 150 amp and it has more that enough heat to run 1/8 7018.

I haven't run down the onboard 12 volt battery while welding but if I did I have some longer battery cables I would attach to my car battery for extended welding.

B Welnetz
Central Wisconsin

I received the 150 Welder and after installing in my 99 Suburban let my welding teacher try it. He now wants one bad(ly). Thanks!

West Columbia, SC


First, I'd like to complement you on a superb product. My name is Matthew Thresher, and am an avid 4 wheeler here in California's Rubicon country. The Rubicon trail is one of the tuffest trails anywhere in the world , and we're lucky to have it here in our own back yard, in El Dorado County.

I've had quite a few chances to help out others while using your 150 welder I acquired from Silver Bullet Int. of Lodi California. Your welder has out performed several others I've used on the trail in the past. The features of a cold stick work so well when ya gota crawl around under a brokedown vehicle on a dirty dusty rock strewn trail. Even in the most difficult situations your welder worked like a champ, allowing me to adjust the amperage up and down as needed to make the optimum weld.

I've been a certified welder of structural steel and pipe for over 25 years and have never come across a mobile welder that works any better and quite a few that hadn't work as well. Same goes for most shop welders I've encountered. The hot start button and the high freak operation of the machine sure make for a smooth weld. Thanks.

Thank you so much for your product and time.

Matthew Thresher
Member, California Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Friends of The Rubicon , Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Americans For Responsible Recreational Access
Lodi, CA

I recently purchased a 150 Amp ZENA Welder from your company, and it was the best investment I have ever made! (I sold a $3,000 AC/DC CC/CV 225 Miller Bobcat machine with only 336 hours on it.) I am convinced that the ZENA Mobile Welding System literally runs circles around my old Miller!

Franklin Ballowe
Emeigh, PA

By the way the twin 200 amps welders are working great with the diesel engine. What a fantastic 400A welding system!

Jim McIntyre
Lock 8 Equipment
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Thought we'd say, "hello" to you.

My husband fired up the welder yesterday and he is still in awe of it.

He was away in Iraq 04-05 and hasn't used the welder since before that. 

It still works great after sitting all that time.


Suzanne Stadler

Send me a voltage regulator for my welder, I want to have my tractor starting/battery charging become an automatic process. I've been using the welder to do this manually for some time but, as you told me, it's hazardous to do it this way. Besides, I can get a cup of coffee while it gets my big tractor's batteries charged up.

I also want to tell you that I'm tickled pink with your product. So happy that you folks are in existence. For my commercial haying operation this welder (installed on my pickup) is a godsend! It welds better than a Bobcat and takes up no space whatsoever.

Your 150A welder has been on my truck for over 2 years and I still amaze everyone who sees me use it in the field ... and, its so much a part of my maintenance system that I don't know how we would ever do without it. 3-4 times a week it literally saves more money that the system cost originally. I guess that I could better say that it's making money for me!


Kennon Forester
Forester Hay
Royal City, WA

If you ever have a working man who wants to know how your welder works, have them call me. I'll recommend it 'till the end of time! For more than a year we've used it daily on our farm for welding -- AND, for starting tractors!

This is a fantastic tool for the working farmer! Thanks!

Kyle James
Bronte, TX

I just wanted touch base to make sure that you received the cables I sent back. Also, I wanted to let you know what happened with my install. I hooked the welder up and did some practice welds with it and I am most impressed with how easy it is to weld with this unit. Not only is it easy, but the quality of the weld is very good, as well. If you are interested, I can send you some pictures of the installation in my Jeep.

Also, if you haven't already, may I suggest that you take an add out in some 4x4 mags (Petersen's, JP Magazine, etc.)? Being an avid off-roader, I can tell you that your unit exactly fits the bill for people like us and is priced lower than any or the other onboard welders I have seen -- yet it outperforms them all.

Thanks for a great welder and great customer service. I'm looking forward to making my friends drool on the trail.

Kevin Wills
Leesburg, VA

Used my ZENA welder for years. Welds cleaner than my big twin cylinder Miller.


Bruce Ortiz
San Jacinto, CA

I received my MW150KB on time & installed the unit in my 96 Dakota this past weekend. As per your info & installation guidelines the installation was very straight forward & easy to do. Total time including bracket fabrication was around eight or nine hours. The unit welds like a dream.

I'd also like to thank you for the prompt shipment & the great product.

Thank you.

Brad Fuller
Frederick, CO

I am extremely satisfied. Your product is excellent!

My only regret is that I didn't have it 20 years ago instead of lugging around a 500 pound portable welder borrowed from the neighbor. Although I haven't had your welder long enough to speak for its long term durability, I would say it has everything else beat when you factor in cost, portability, and performance. (It took me about 4 hours to make the brackets to install the welder and wire it up.)


P. Zidek
Onaga, KS

First things first, I am very happy with my ZENA welder. I love it. I have it installed on my 96 F350 Powerstroke. My installation is pretty much the same as the one pictured on your site, I did build a bracket that mounts to the front of my alternator mount though instead of modifying the welder.

I own and operate a construction services company and often use a welder in the field for equipment repairs. I was looking into purchasing a portable gas powered welder when I found the ZENA welder. Now, for less than half the cost of a portable and without giving up any load space, I can do everything I need to do.

Satisfied customer,

L. Parsons
Parsons & Associates, Inc. Construction Services
Rowlett, TX

Message 1:

Well, here I sit looking at a BEAUTIFULLY packaged box, all the accessories are individually packaged the leads are what I had hoped for and the welder will be in by Saturday at about 1:00 C.D.T.

The pictures that were sent were the key to my up coming design (taking from all and making it work) again thanks and if I can be of any assistance to your company, I will help in anyway I can.

Anticipating Saturday morning!

J. Borges
J And S Mobile Welding And Fabrication
North Platte, Nebraska

Message 2:

I am a PROFESSIONAL welder. I weld every day on critical structural joints in all positions and many thickness with top of the line equipment, i.e., Miller Trailblazer diesel engine driven large frame tow-able welders (both leased and brand new), and I will swear under oath that your welder is not only more convenient, but the best running welder I have EVER used!

Thanks for a wonderful product.

J. Borges
J And S Mobile Welding And Fabrication
North Platte, Nebraska


I received my welder on Wednesday. I mounted it to my 2000 F250.

I cannot believe how great it works! I was very skeptical that such a small unit could weld as nice as my large welder at work.

I am amazed.

If you are looking for someone in eastern PA to show off your welder, let me know. I will be happy to help you in any way with this fantastic product.


D. Schreib
Easton, PA

I've been welding for 25 years and I'm amazed at how well it welds.


R. D. Shetler
Moses Lake, WA

Incredible! Your welder really works!

Sorry that I waited 5 months to tell you, but I wanted to see how the unit would work over time. The answer is flawlessly!

It also took me a bit of time to get used to the electrode holder controls, but now I wish all my welders were equipped with the same control system. No accidental arcs, no shocks, no worry about changing rods, and no need to be concerned about or putting down the electrode holder. (Sounds line one of your ads -- but it's a fact.)

The ZENA welding is now my main "on the road" welder. It's not uncommon to put in 5 or more hours of welding in a day! So I can tell you that your product stands up to heavy use.


R. Walker
Columbia, SC

Just a few words to say how much I like the welder.

I have mounted it on a 10 hp Snow blower, with the auger removed. Only six nuts were required to be removed from their studs to detach the auger and a frame was made from angle to mount the ZENA Power generator. At the moment the +12v is supplied by a fused cable from my tractor but as welding is carried out on the tractor or jobs are mostly completed near the tractor it is a very convenient system.

The Snow blower auger can be easily refitted in the winter if necessary.

I did have to clean the slip rings/brushes but I feel this was due to lack of use on my part as I bought the welder more than a year ago. But, using the Operators Manual, the clean up was a straightforward process.

It is pouring with rain here in Ontario at the moment so I will have to wait a while before continuing to weld. I realize I can weld in the rain with the ZENA but I'm sure things will clear up soon and it will make the job more fun.

I was using the tractor and very old loader to dig a ditch and in the process managed to snap both arms of the loader almost right through, there was just enough metal hanging on to get everything to the usual parking place. Happily, yesterday, I was able to weld enough together to lift, in the loader bucket, all the equipment I used in the aligning and welding process. That has to be a good testament to the system!!

I found the Operators Manual a pleasure to use and the instructions are so precise, the equipment arrived on time and was perfectly packed.

The main immediate advantages are, all the firewood can be transported to the house in the tractor bucket as it usually is and I did not have to buy another loader.

Many thanks again!

A. Clark
Ontario, Canada

What a fine tool you have created. Incredible power from a small package that installed on my small 4x4 without difficulty. I'm not a very experienced welder, but my welds look great -- with full penetration. My friend, who is experienced, and who did not think your welder could possibly work as good as I told him that it did, came over and tried it out. He told me that he has never used a welder that put out as smooth an arc. He even cut up a few sample welds to inspect them and told me that I was getting fantastic welds.

I am very happy with my welder.

R. Brown
Glen Alpine, NC

PS: My friend is planning to buy one to put on his truck soon.

Wow! I'm really glad that I took a chance on your guys.

I read your testimonials, talked to people who had one, etc. BUT I WAS STILL SKEPTICAL!

A new 150 amp welder with a 100% duty cycle and a three year warranty for about 700 bucks -- it seemed way to good to be true.

New welders that came close to your specs were over three grand and the used engine driven units that I looked at (and that met my under $1,000 budget) were pretty rough.

Still, I desperately needed a welder powerful enough to weld rusty drill casings into fencing on my farm. And, for huge list of repairs that I'd been putting off for way too long. So, anyway, I bought one after talking to one of your great sales people who patently waded through a ton of questions.

Wow again! This welder puts out an arc so strong that it can't be only 150 amps! I thought that I'd have trouble getting good penetration, but it easily burns right through the 1/4' thick casings -- if I let it. And the bead looks great -- even working out of position all the time. Even better, with your boost feature, the arc is easy to start on rusty sections -- it just blasts right through the rust. AND IT DOES IT ALL DAY. No BS about your duty cycle. I was welding from 8 this morning 'till dark, and it was working just as good when I quit as it did at the start of the day.

Thanks for a great tool!

R. H. Culbreath
Austin, Texas

Fantastic Product! I've been a professional welder for over 20 years. The MW150K welder that I purchased from you is, by far, the best stick welder I have ever used!

It's so good that I've been spoiled. Having one on the 4x4 truck is not enough for me. I want a ZENA welder in my shop too.

Please find enclosed my payment for a MW150 (with 2.75" pulley) which will be used to build an electric motor driven shop welder.

Keep up the good work.

Ted Smith
Los Angeles, CA

Copy (with permission) of e-mail between one of our customers and a prospective customer:

Hi! I am thinking of purchasing a ZENA welder, and was hoping that you could give me an idea of how good it works. Their advertisement almost seems to good to be true.

I was like you when I read all the reviews on their web page, a bit skeptical. I'm actually glad to have somebody ask 'cuz I can tell you first hand that after using it for a month now it is better than I expected!

I'm a heavy equipment field mechanic/welder and have used a lot of different welders from Hobart, Lincoln and Miller 200-225 amp and this is so much nicer than any of them. It's real smooth and nice penetration. It burns 5/32 like nothing, about the only draw back I've seen, and I haven't really tried them much yet, is that gouging rods aren't quit as nice as air arcing. I would, and have, recommend it to anyone. For the price and weight savings, you can't beat it. It's fairly easy to install if you have any electrical and mechanical skills. I had it done in one weekend.

Let me know if you have any other ?'s

Mark Harff
Joliet, Illinois

Thanks for the quick repair on the stud that I broke! And thanks for the quick turn arround. I use your welder all the time and did not want to be without it for long. It's a great product!

S. Butler
Canyon, TX

Bought one of these welders from you a while back and have really enjoyed it.

K. Penney
Arlington, TX

I received my welder yesterday. I can't believe it!. It welds just as good as any pipeline welder and it is so small & light weight.

Simple to use, easy to install, my 4 year old son, Garrett, welded a high quality bead with little help (under extremely close supervision!)!

I mounted it to a 12hp Briggs & Stratton on a frame that I welded before it arrived (similar to the one on your site). Even my welds were smoother with the ZENA. I am anxious to show it around. If there are any trade shows in this region of the country and you want to be represented, give me a call, I would be more than happy to demonstrate - everyone should see this in person!

Bill Kolb
Medicine Lodge, Kansas

I recently purchased one of your welders. I must admit I was doubtful as to it's capability at the time. We installed it into one of our service trucks, a F150 2000 model Ford pickup.

The darned thing works great! We have used it on several jobs welding for about 2 to 3 hours straight and had zero problems. It was a bit tricky cramming it into the engine compartment, of the V-6, and required replacing and rerouting of the radiator hose. But it was do-able.

Many thanks,

Bruce W. Ortiz
King Sign Co.
San Jacinto, California

My company purchased one of your welders, on my recommendation, about a year ago. I tried the welder at a county fair and was very impressed. No, that's not correct, it was the best stick welder I've ever used! And I've been welding professionally for over 40 years.

We replaced a 1,780 lb. 4 cylinder Miller welder that was mounted on my 1 ton Ford diesel truck with one of your 150A welders. The trucks performance increased and fuel economy is significantly better. But the welder is working even better than we hoped -- and I've used it hard for more than a year. In fact, I have a lot of fun demonstrating the unit to our customers and people that I work with -- people are always impressed. (I'm sure that I've sold a few for you.)

We just bought another unit for another one of our trucks and plan to convert all of them over time. And all of our new trucks are going to be ZENA equipped. It's the best invention for trucks since the hydraulic brake!

Keep up the good work!


Mr. Herbert
Arnold Construction
Carthage, Tennessee

Just bought our second unit. It's seldom that a product is even better than advertised. Your product is better than good -- and we are applauding with our pocketbook.

Great welder!

Peter Marano
M&P Excavating, Inc.
Konosha, Wisconsin

Your welder welds better than our $6,000 shop unit! Really smooth. Great weld quality.

I've bought one for myself to use on my farm.

Maintenance Supervisor
Highways, Inc.
Cookeville, Tennessee

I've used it almost every day for over a year on all types of jobs and have had no trouble -- and no vandals.

I still can't believe that that little 24 lb. generator makes 150A of fire --- but it sure does. WOW!

Ricky Shoulders
Shoulders Welding
Gordonsville, Tennessee

Here's a picture of my riding welder. It's become an indispensable piece of of equipment on our farm. It goes anywhere, and welds anything. I just made a big repair to my front end loader, welding a 1/2" thick support brace.

Rob Harris
Asheville, North Carolina

Hello. I have had my welder up and working for about a year now with great satisfaction.

I love my zena stick welder.

Ron Walker
BRW Racing
Renton, WA

Just finished watching my maintenance man fixing a broken hitch on one our our gravel hauling trucks with your ZENA welder. This thing really works. All of my people agree. We will be buying another soon for a new truck we are getting.

B. Woodard
Tennessee Asphalt Repair
Hickman, TN

PS: That Add-A-Pulley is great! It made the installation into our Chevrolet truck very easy. Picture attached.

I had one of your competitors welders on my truck. I loved the idea of a built in welder, but the thing never worked the way I wanted it to. I had to run my engine at high speed just to get enough power to do light welding.

Your welder really works. I was skeptical because of the other unit, but I decided to take a chance after I spoke to you. It's everything that you said it would be -- and more! I love the controls. This ZENA unit was really made for welders. It has all the features that I ever wanted -- and some I didn't think of.

I'm buying a second unit for another vehicle that I own (a Ford Escort) and will be equipping this vehicle with an external voltage regulator for use both as a mobile welder and a mobile quick charger. I'm sure that this will be a really unique vehicle after it's done.

T. Anastos
Green River, WY

I own a business that deals with Genie products on a day to day basis. I have used your product on a Genie boom and loved it!

I'm now going to install one on our service truck!

J. Loe
Air Recon, Aerial Platform Specialists
Fargo, ND

Just a quick note to let you know everything is now working great with my power generator/welder unit. It welds great, and charges my battery and remote batteries as expected. I appreciate all your kind words and help. You had more patience than I would have if the shoe was on the other foot, i.e..e., if you were the customer and I was the seller of the unit. Thank you for not getting exasperated with me and my problems. I look forward to using my welder and don't anticipate "bothering" you for any other difficulties. Thanks again. You have a very satisfied, loyal customer in myself.

All the best of luck.

C. Pace
Nacogdoches, TX

I just hooked up my new ZENA welder (150). I am thrilled, it works great!

Thank you,

B. Langley
Goffstown, NH

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