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3 year warranty The ZENA mobile welding system logo

is extraordinarily versatile and can be attached successfully to almost any vehicle -- as well as to most free standing engines.

To give you a better idea about exactly how our welding systems are installed, the photos below depict typical installations.

In most cases, you can "click" on an image's caption to see more detail.


Dodge Cummins Diesel Truck
w/mobile welding system


Dodge V-8 Truck (using UB2 bracket kit)

Picture of a Kubota tractor welder installation -- a Kubota mobile welder


Picture of a Ford 3950 tractor with ZENA mobile welding system installed -- a Ford mobile welder

Kubota L2350 Tractor w/mobile welding system


Ford 3950 Tractor w/mobile welding system


4X4 Installation
(Jeep Renegade)


4X4 Installation
(Jeep Wrangler)

A typical installation of a ZENA mobile welding system into a truck -- a Chevy mobile welder


Installation of a ZENA welder into a older Gravley Lawn Tractor

Typical truck installation
(1984 Chevrolet Truck)


Gravely Lawn tractor installation

Chevrolet service truck with mobile welder


Picture of a Murray lawn tractor with ZENA mobile welding system installed -- a Murray mobile welder

Typical truck installation
(1994 Chevrolet Truck)


Another lawn tractor installation


Service Truck Installation
(Ford PS Diesel)


Service Truck Installation
(Chevrolet V8)

NOTE: We are making improvements in our products continuously. Therefore, at any particular time, ZENA's products may vary in details of design and construction from the photos shown here.

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