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A 1991 Jeep Wrangler equipped with a ZENA underhood welder

This Jeep operates far off road and in addition to providing the owner with the ability to fix anything that breaks when 4-wheeling, the vehicle's welder is used frequently to rescue others on the trail.

Installation is straightforward:

An Add-A-Pulley secondary retrofittable alternator pulley is used to drive the Power Generator. The Power Generator is mounted to the vehicle using a ZENA A300 universal mounting bracket which is attached (using 5/16 bolts) to a bracket fabricated from 2x1/4 angle and 1-1/4x1/4 bar stock which is attached to the existing alternator mounting bracket.

V-belt tensioning is achieved by using an A210 universal extension bracket (which is attached to the Power Generator), a vertical member made from 1-1/4x1/4 bar stock (which is attached to the fabricated mounting bracket), and two 5/16 turnbuckles in combination.

To control engine speed, a RTASC automatic speed control was installed.


V-belt attachment, Add-A-Pulley to Power Generator, & bracket fabrication details (top view)


Tensioning system (upright, link, & A210 bracket) / Power Generator to bracket assembly detail


Belt tensioning system (turnbuckles, A210 bracket, link, & upright) (front view)


Detail of belt tensioning upright support (welded to bracket assembly) & bracket assembly


Speed control mount (rear view)


Speed control to throttle attachment (side view)


Belt tensioning system (2 turnbuckles, A210 bracket, chain link, & upright) (top view)


Completed installation (front view) -- ready to weld!

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