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A Professional Weldor's V-8 Chevrolet Truck equipped with a ZENA mobile welding system

The pictures on this page detail key aspects of a ZENA welder installation into a 3/4 ton Chevrolet welding service truck with a V-8 engine.

The ZENA system sees extensive daily use and is the owner's only mobile welder.

In this case, the truck had a serpentine drive belt system, necessitating the use of a ZENA Add-A-Pulley™ retrofittable secondary pulley assembly. This accessory eliminates the need to make any changes to the stock drive belt system.


Add-A-Pulley™ attached to existing alternator

Mechanical installation of the Welding Power Generator was accomplished by making a welded support bracket which attached to the vehicle's existing alternator bracketing, and which was combined with a ZENA A300 universal mounting bracket (drilled and tapped for two 5/16” bolts) which was attached to the support bracket with two 5/16” bolts.


A300 universal
mounting bracket

Site fabricated bracket is used with ZENA A300 universal mounting bracket to mount Power Generator

To supply AC power for power tools the owner of this vehicle opted to install a 1000 Watt inverter.

Finished welder installation with
AC power inverter installed


This vehicle is used for frequent welding jobs and was also equipped with a BJ150.4 lead extension kit which is used to make it easy for the owner to attach and remove welding and control cables.


BJ150.4 connector installed near inverter

This vehicle was also equipped with an ASC1 Automatic Engine Speed Control accessory .

ASC1 Automatic Speed Control

Time to install from scratch - approximately 7 hours (including time to design bracketing, bore and tap holes, buy materials and fan belt, and install speed control and inverter).

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