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A Ford Power Stroke Diesel Service Truck owned by a construction company
(replacing a 1,780+ lb. engine driven welder with a 28 lb. ZENA mobile welding system!)

The pictures on this page detail key aspects of a ZENA welder installation into a 1 ton Ford Power Stroke Diesel service truck.

The welder mounted to the rear of the truck was removed soon after this picture was taken.

In this case, the truck had a serpentine drive belt system, necessitating the use of a ZENA Add-A-Pulley™ retrofittable secondary pulley assembly. This accessory eliminates the need to make any changes to the stock drive belt system.

To make the system easier for the driver to use, the owner also decided to include a BJ150.4 Remote Welding Cable Attachment Kit.


Add-A-Pulley™ attached to existing alternator

Mechanical installation of the Welding Power Generator was accomplished by modifying the welding power generator's mounting "foot" to allow the welder to be attached to the existing alternator bracket by means of an existing mounting bolt attachment point.

A TBUCK accessory was used to support the Power Generator and to provide a simple means for V-belt tensioning.

Due to space limitations, the Power Control Module was mounted a short distance away from the Power Generator using an existing mounting bolt of the vehicle's alternator bracket and a simple bracket fabricated from 1/4" steel bar stock.
Side view showing attachment to
existing alternator bracket, remote
mount of control module,
and TBUCK support/belt tensioner
A ZENA ASC1 automatic speed control was used to directly actuate the vehicle's accelerator pedal from under the dash utilizing a small user-fabricated lever arm which was attached to the accelerator pedal rod.

Time to install from scratch - approximately 5 hours.

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