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A Kubota L2350/L2500 Tractor equipped with the ZENA mobile welding system

The following pictures detail a rather typical tractor installation.

In this installation, plenty of space was available, and the ZENA system was installed secondary to the tractor's existing alternator and electrical system.

Drawings to help you build a set of brackets are available for this model tractor, its successor model (the L2500), and other Kubota's using the same 3 cylinder diesel engine.

Installation Kit Plans

Kubota Tractor (front side view)

In this installation the Welding Power Generator (WPG) is mounted to the tractor's existing alternator using simple brackets made from strips of 1/4" thick 1" bar stock. A long bolt and a spacer made from steel tubing complete the mounting of the WPG to the alternator.

NOTE1: The addition of an idler pulley to improve/increase the wrap around the ZENA welding power generator's drive pulley is strongly recommended. It was not used on this installation, but the use of this item can improve belt life (by reducing the belt tension required to operate the system), make belt tensioning easier, and allow the use of a smaller drive pulley (as small as 2" OD) on the generator to reduce the engine speed required for welding.

NOTE2: Fixed and spring loaded idlers are available from our parts department, if you cannot find what you need locally.

SR150 welding power generator

SR150 Welding Power Generator mounted
"piggyback" to the tractor's alternator

welding power generator

This is another view of the WPG mounting scheme. Note the spacer on the top bolt of the tractor's alternator which is used to line up the WPG pulley with the alternator pulley.

SR150 Welding Power Generator mounted on Kubota tractor

power generator support and belt tensioning system

In this installation the bracket and turnbuckle shown here are used to support the top of the WPG and to tension the tractor's fan belt (rather than the tractor's alternator which is now held fixed in place).

Belt Tensioning Bracket Assembly

Here's the finished installation (with cables and controls attached).

Side view of Kubota tractor with welding system installed


Welding system in Kubota tractor

Another view of our finished Kubota L2350 welder.

Time to install from scratch - approximately 6 hours (including time to design installation, buy materials and fan belt, and fabricate parts).

Time to install using our installation kit - 15 minutes.

NOTE: We are making improvements in our products continuously
Therefore, at any particular time, ZENA's products may vary in details of design and construction from the photos shown here.

Another view of Kubota tractor welder

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