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A Gravely 14 hp Lawn Tractor equipped with a ZENA welding system

Working daily on a farm, this mobile 150 amp., 100% duty cycle riding welder goes anywhere one can walk --- a most useful (and very frequently used) piece of maintenance equipment.

To quote the owner, “I don't know how we ever made do without it” --- “paid for itself in the first month”.

This installation is particularly interesting in that it illustrates a number of techniques that are typical to many ZENA welding system installations.

The Gravely Riding Welder

Installation components

Close-up view of fabricated bracket
These views show the installation components (including completed mounting bracket assembly).

ZENA A300 and A215 Brackets were used.

The V-belt is from an auto parts store, the large pulley comes from a Chevrolet dealer, and the other components were fabricated on site using 1”x1/4” bar stock, 2”x1/4” angle stock, and 1/4” wall tubing/pipe (for spacers).

Misc. nuts and bolts were also utilized.

Welder bracket components ready for attachment

Engine before installation

Engine with bracket installed

Lawn tractor engine (right side) before installation.

Engine with mounting bracket assembly installed
(using two spacers and longer bolts to replace
bolts which hold starter motor onto engine).

The Power Generator is mounted to the tractor using a simple bracket assembly which is made by using a ZENA A300 universal mounting bracket which is mounted (using 5/16” bolts) to a piece of 2”x1/4” angle stock. The 2” angle is mounted to the engine via existing bolt holes which are used to mount the engine's starter motor. Longer bolts are selected and spacers are used to space the 2” angle away from the engine just enough to clear the starter motor and surrounding components. A tensioning arm is made up from a piece of 1-1/4”x1/4” bar stock (twisted 90° - see photos), and a shortened ZENA A215 slotted tension arm bracket. The tensioning arm components are assembled and the arm is attached to the 2” angle using 5/16 bolts.

Engine with drive pulley and bracket

Pulley installed using flywheel bolt holes &
enlarging holes on pulley to match bolt pattern.

Engine and welder side view --- wiring of Power Generator

Mobile welder installed on engine --- ready to weld

Side view showing Power Generator wiring

Engine with all components installed -- ready to weld

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