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ZENATM Model UB2 Universal
Bolt-Together Alternator
/ Power Generator
Mounting Bracket Assembly


View of the UB2 in use.
Bracket components are attached to illustrate a typical configuration.

This IS NOT the only way that they can be fitted.

Recommendations /
Field Use


The UB2 has been designed to provide a versatile means of accomplishing what we call a piggyback welder installation. This is a ZENA welding power generator installation in which bracketing fabricated to hold the generator is attached to the existing engine alternator bracket using mounting bolts just enough longer than the stock bolts to hold the new bracket in place. It's such a a popular installation method that, with some variation, its used in more than 50% of all onboard welder vehicle installations.

In these piggyback installations, belt drive for the generator is obtained from a double pulley mounted on the existing engine alternator.

Add-A-Pulley Parts Kit
(order separately)


In cases where the engine is equipped with a serpentine belt system, OR where only a single V-pulley is mounted to the existing alternator, our Add-A-Pulley alternator power take off accessory kit (not part of the UB2 bracket kit) provides a convenient method to attach the generator drive pulley to the existing alternator.

The Add-A-Pulley can also provide a greater degree of control over the operating speed of the power generator. Another reason why this type of installation has much to recommend it.

In fact, the only major drawback with a piggyback installation is that a unique set of brackets must be built for each different engine.

This is why we have developed the UB2.

The UB2 is made up of a number of high precision aluminum bracketing components which can be made to fit together in an almost unlimited number of different combinations.

A300A Pivot Bracket
(order separately)

The UB2 is used in conjunction with our A300A pivot bracket (not part of the UB2 kit). We have tried to anticipate so many factors in the design of the UB2 that, in many cases, not all of the supplied components will be required to complete a given installation.

For example, you may choose not to tighten your belts with an idler pulley. Therefore the components supplied to accommodate this might be used to simply support the generator -- and, in fact they are designed to do this as well as to facilitate other mounting schemes -- including ones that we have not thought of.

In other cases, since it's not possible to anticipate all factors, additional easy to fabricate parts may be required to work with the supplied UB2 parts.

The UB2 should provide you with a great installation tool -- one which is limited only by your imagination and mechanical skills.

Let us know how it works for you!

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