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About Our Web Site Design

The design of our web site is always changing to meet the needs of our customers and others who find it a useful information resource. Therefore, at any time, some pages may be "under construction" and may not be fully functional or available when you are logged on. Please accept out apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause and try again later. These service intervals are usually very brief -- often lasting only a few minutes.

Our Web-Page Design Philosophy

We believe that your time is as valuable to you as ours is to us. We have, therefore, made every effort to make this site as fast as possible.

For example, you will not find slow loading animated graphics, advertising messages from other companies, complicated (and often slow-loading) "frame" type web pages, annoying pop-up consoles, dozens of slow loading pictures/images that do not provide necessary information, nor do we incorporate design features that require particular browser software or a particular operating system to work properly.


Your privacy is important to us. We do not use scripting software to take control of your browser, or to access information on your computer. ANY information that you choose to provide us will be considered confidential.

We WILL NOT share any information about you with others PERIOD.


Should you choose to use our Online Store, your personal financial information will be protected by a top quality secure server. Further, our internal systems have been set up to insure confidentiality at all stages of the order fulfillment process.

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