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High Output Alternators -- so tough, and so powerful, that we weld with them!

The ZENA® mobile welding system is a new technology, self-contained, ultra-compact, commercial duty, engine-driven welder which can be attached to any engine. This welding system uses a unique, modular, fully electrically isolated power generator, which we at ZENA, Incorporated manufacture in the USA, to withstand the extraordinary stresses of continuous-duty high-current welding. The side benefit here is that these same features make for an extraordinary durable and efficient charging system -- particurarly for marine applicaions.

Using ZENA® power generators as alternators!

While our welding power generators are definitely NOT standard alternators, and while, in many cases, their physical size may prevent them from being bolt in replacements for small stock low current alternators, the highly versatile ZENA power generators can be used as:

ultra heavy duty replacements for a standard, low-output, non-continuous duty, automotive or marine alternators in work, service, emergency, off road vehicles, or other vehicles (including boats) which have large non-stock electrical loads, or as

part of a multi-alternator charging system in which the combined output of multiple ZENA power generators can be used to produce extraordinarily high current and/or high voltage DC power for onboard equipment, or off-grid power needs, or as an

auxiliary/secondary alternator which can be fitted to a vehicle in addition to an existing alternator -- dedicated to a secondary electrical system servicing large nonstandard electrical loads, such as exotic automotive sound systems, marine electrical systems, mobile communication systems, high power radio transmitters, and/or emergency/medical equipment, or as an

ultra high output, heavy duty, high current battery charger / starting booster, or to

provide on-demand onboard welding capabilities in addition to the DC charging / DC power supply functions noted above.

They are also superior replacements for marine alternators. With features such as complete electrical isolation, external rectification, and regulating systems designed to work with ALL types of marine batteries -- including lithiun iron phospate (LiFePo4), nickel metal hydride (NiMH), and nickel iron (Ni-Fe).

ZENA® Modular Power Generators/Alternators
Incredibly Powerful DC Generating
or Battery Charging Systems

Need Even More DC Power?

photo of SR150B power generator
ZENA SR150 150 modular power generator
150A @ 12-14.5VDC / 80A @ 24-29VDC
photo of SR150B power generator
ZENA SR150B 150 modular power generator
150A @ 12-14.5VDC / 80A @ 24-29VDC
photo of SR200 power generator
ZENA 200 amp. modular power generator
200A @ 12-14.5VDC / 125A @ 24-29VDC
ZENA 250 amp. modular power generator
250A @ 12-14.5VDC / 140A @ 24-29VDC
(use with ER350 external rectifier assembly)
ZENA 350 amp. ultra heavy duty
external rectifier assembly
(use with SR250 power generator)

ZENA makes the only modular DC power generating units in the world.

Modular design, electrical isolation, and our special electronic controls, allow ZENA power generators to be used in synchronized groups to:

efficiently produce very high, well regulated battery charging/boosting/DC supply currents -- producing only a small fraction of the waste heat that a single large alternator of identical capacity (if you could find one) would produce. Our multi-generator systems produce from 300 to over 1200 amps in 12 volt systems, and over 700 amps in 24 volt applications, and/or to

build high current DC generating systems that can produce a wide range of nonstandard voltages -- from 10 to over 120 VDC.

Typically, the largest single continuous duty alternator that can be fitted into the engine compartment of a large vehicle is one producing a maximum current of around 200-250 amps. Small vehicles seldom have alternators producing much more than a maximum of 100 amps.

Why? The waste heat that alternators can produce when heavily loaded increases dramatically as alternator output current increases. To deal with this heat, the alternator must become larger -- and, in some cases, also revert to liquid cooling.

For example: An alternator producing 100 amps produces four times the heat of one producing 50 amps. A 200 amp unit will produce four times the heat of the 100 amp model -- eight times more heat than the 50 amp model!

To deal with all this heat, a 300A air-cooled alternator balloons in size to be over a foot in diameter, and over eighteen inches in length -- much, much larger, and heavier, than a typical automotive alternator. This forces manufacturers of such ultra-large alternators -- typically used in busses and similar vehicles -- to resort to liquid cooling in order to make them small enough to fit into the very large engine compartment spaces found on this type of vehicle.

This is why most emergency vehicles resort to split electrical systems using two, or even three, large alternators -- one dedicated to the non-stock electrical equipment installed on the vehicle and one (or more) dealing with the load of the vehicle itself -- OR to very complicated isolation mechanisms that allow the output of multiple alternators to be combined to supply power to a single large load.

Our modular generators and special controls provide the perfect solution!

Thanks to ZENA's unique DC generator technology, multiple alternators can be attached to the same engine -- and be controlled and used together -- creating a huge charging system -- just as if they were a single giant alternator -- AND WITHOUT producing huge amounts of waste heat!

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Think fitting a larger high-amp alternator, doing a multi generator installation, or installing a secondary alternator / secondary generator is impossible?

If you have a very small vehicle, you might be right -- BUT you might also be quite surprised to find that it's not nearly as "impossible" as you first thought.

Larger vehicles (including most emergency vehicles), boats, etc. make things much easier.

Only careful evaluation of a given application will provide the answer. But, you can get an idea of what is necessary by taking a look at some of our welding system installations. (With our welding systems, in most cases, a generator installation secondary to the existing alternator, and to the existing electrical system, is the norm.)

To get an idea of what is typically required take a look at one, or more, of these links to some of our welder installation pages:

Welder Installation Information
Piggyback Installation Diagram
Custom Bolt-In Bracket Kits
Pictures of Typical Welding System Installations

To help you with your ZENA power generator/alternator installation:

We have a large selection of inexpensive generic / universal bracketing components than can facilitate a do-it-yourself installation.

In addition, we also have a bolt together universal bracket than can further minimize bracket fabrication needs.

And, if you have a truck (or even a vehicle which shares it's engine configuration with trucks made by the vehicle manufacturer) it's quite possible that we have a fully engineered bolt-in custom bracket set that will perfectly accommodate your secondary alternator installation -- sometimes even allowing bolt in dual secondary alternators.

Unique Design Features Provide Unique Performance Benefits

The typical alternator is just not built like a ZENA DC power generator -- a key reason why we make this distinction rather than referring to them simply as alternators.

The most significant difference is that unlike standard high-amp alternators most of which are designed to produce their rated maximum current for only a relatively brief period (usually less than 10 minutes, or so), ZENA power generators are built to produce higher currents CONTINUOUSLY --- an absolute necessity for welding -- but also a critical feature for big charging jobs.

Select this hyper link to learn more about how ZENA power generators differ from standard high current alternators.

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Customer service is key. Not only do we make the finest alternators of their kind, we also provide world class service -- the old fashioned kind, where we treat you just as we would wish to be treated.

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Three Year Limited Warranty

ZENA power generators are sold with a three year limited warranty which does not exclude commercial or marine use. And our guaranteed overhaul / rebuilding cost policy further protects your investment in our equipment.

Just try to find a high output alternator anywhere with a warranty -- or an overhaul/rebuilding policy like this!

Buy risk free using our Online Store -- or call us today to order a unit (615-897-2011).

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