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What makes the ZENA power generator different from a standard alternator? It looks like an alternator to me.

This is a question that we get quite often. The simple answer is that ZENA power generators are NOT standard alternators of the type used in automotive and marine applications. Automotive and marine alternators, even high current alternators, are just NOT built for welding.

Admittedly, in our generator line, there is some resemblance to "standard" high-amp alternators. Because our generators are designed to take advantage of conventional alternator mounting systems used, worldwide, on vehicle and equipment engines, it's inevitable that they will be quite similar, in size and shape, to larger conventional high-output alternators. In fact, when first designing our generators, we decided to modify existing alternator tooling for our generator case parts rather than to spend a huge amount of time and cash designing and life testing completely unique parts. This decision saved a huge amount of tooling expense and greatly reduced our manufacturing costs (a savings which we pass on to our customers) and, even more importantly, virtually guaranteed product reliability and compatibility, insured a virtually unlimited supply of these critical parts, and allowed us to go to market with very well tested case designs proven by use in millions of vehicle applications -- a huge benefit for us and for our customers.

However, do not be confused by our generator's superficial outward appearance, electrically and mechanically ZENA power generators are designed, from scratch, to be highly efficient, ultra-compact, sources of DC welding power and, as such, they differ in a number of ways from other alternators.

For example, ZENA power generators:

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However, the features which make the ZENA power generator such a great welding current generator do not prevent the ZENA power generators from functioning as superior high current alternators which can be adapted to a wide range of automotive and marine alternator applications -- including the construction of DC gensets. In fact, they enhance this capability dramatically!

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