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Dear Prospective Customer,

At ZENA, Incorporated we pride ourselves on designing and building the best mobile welders in the world. Products with truly exceptional value and performance.

Our welders represent such an improvement over previous technology, and are sold at such a low price, that the natural skepticism of prospective customers puts us in the position of the mythical salesman who approaches a customer asking $5 for a $20 bill. Most people reject the offer, instantly, without even looking at the $20 bill. They assume that any offer that sounds so good can't possibly be true. And, if you consider the lies, misstatements, inaccuracies, weasel words, etc. often used by marketers -- such skepticism is understandable.

Because of this, demonstration has always been our most effective sales tool. When an experienced weldor has an opportunity to try out one of our welders, they can see (and feel) for themselves just how exceptionally our products perform. And, we have never failed to convince anyone who has tried the system, even the most skeptical, that our product really works!

We're completely confident that, once you use a ZENA welder, you will join the ranks of our many satisfied customers. So, to make your purchase COMPLETELY RISK FREE, we give anyone who chooses to buy a welding system directly from us a 60 day money back guarantee of satisfaction!

Install the ZENA welder and use it yourself -- on the job -- for 60 days.

If, after installing and trying the welder, for any reason, you're not satisfied, just return the welder, post paid, and we'll refund the full purchase price of your welder, less any costs for shipping the item to you.

No hassle, no questions asked!

Anthony M. Blazina, President
ZENA, Incorporated

The try it now program applies to ZENA welding systems only -- not to welding rods, special bracketing accessories, other common accessories and/or mechanical parts that may be fabricated for you on a custom basis.

Depending on the item, these parts may be nonreturnable and/or subject to restocking fees.

When reading above about the salesman selling $20 bills for $5, did you wonder why we don't just raise our price?

Read our "mission statement"

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