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What does the term "duty cycle" mean?

Duty cycle is a welding equipment specification which defines the number of minutes, within a 10 minute period, during which a given welder can safely produce a particular welding current.

For example, a 150 amp. welder with a 30% duty cycle must be "rested" for at least 7 minutes after 3 minutes of continuous welding. (When you are paying an employee for welding, anything less than 100% duty wastes money.)

Failure to carefully observe duty cycle limitations can easily over stress a welder's power generation system contributing to premature welder failure. Many welders do not have internal protection systems that prevent this sort of over stress -- leaving the task to the owner or operator.

Unlike conventional, old technology welders, ZENA welders are designed not to generate more power than they can safely produce continuously -- true 100% duty cycle operation -- freeing our customers from the need to worry about welding system duty cycles and equipment damage from overheating.

Look carefully at welder specifications. Many welding equipment manufacturers will identify a particular welder by its maximum possible power generation capacity, even though that welder may only be able to produce that level of power for a short period of time.

For example, a given welder may be touted as a 200A welder. However, careful reading of the documentation that comes with the unit may show that the welder can only produce this rated power with a 20-30% duty cycle (or even less). There is a huge difference between this welder and another 200A welder that can produce its rated power continuously -- both in work capability, and in long term reliability.

Professional welders understand that almost all welding equipment manufacturers rate their welders using the maximum current that can be produced as the key specification -- not the 100% duty point. So to compensate, a pro will buy a 225-250A welder in order to get the100-150A 100% duty performance that they need to do their work.

If you buy a ZENA welder, you won't need a 250A welder to get 150A, 100% duty performance!
ALL ZENA welders are
rated at their 100% duty cycle power capability.

Don't make the mistake of comparing a commercial duty, 100% duty cycle welder (like a ZENA welding system) with hobby welders which promise high welding currents, but which are limited by low duty cycle performance.

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