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ZENA mobile welding system projects


Welcome to our welding projects section!

Now that you have your new ZENA mobile welder installed (or have your new ZENA Backpak welder), it's time to put that equipment to use.!

To help you to do this, we have organized links to a number of welding projects.

If you don't have a ZENA welder yet, WELCOME ANYWAY!

While you're here, we invite you to see how easy, and inexpensive, it is to attach our high power, 100% duty cycle, low cost, multi-process DC mobile welder to your vehicle or engine. CLICK HERE for info. about our welders. If you are thinking about attaching a ZENA welder to an existing engine, you will be particularly interested in the guidelines/plans provided by some of our customers.

Our project resources fall into three categories:

While we can't guarantee your results, we hope that you will have fun!

Simple Projects

ZENA 150A Welding
System Components


Making an Adjustable Welding / Cutting Support Stand


Making a Welding Vice from Scrap Material


Building a Portable Welding / Cutting Table


Building a Combination Shop/Truck Gas Tank Rack


Build a Roll Around Gas Tank Rack


Build a Simple Low Cost Sheet Metal Brake


Build an Anvil Stand


Building A Child's Backhoe


Build a Swedge Stand


Build a Tube Bender

Advanced Projects


An Easy to Build (on site) Spring House


Bicycle Cargo Trailer (carry loads pulling behind bicycle)


Build a Sheet Metal Slip Roll Machine


Build Your Own High Quality Cutoff Band Saw


Build a Heavy Duty Abrasive or Dry-Cut Chop-Saw Stand/Conveyor


Building A Child's Backhoe

Hybrid Projects
(Steel &
Other Materials)


Various Backyard Observatory Plans


Geodesic Dome Observatory


Building a Backyard Observatory

Build Your Own ZENA
DC Mobile Welder


Build Your Own 150A, 100% Duty Cycle, Mobile Welder


Build Your Own 200A, 100% Duty Cycle, Mobile Welder


Build Your Own 300A, 100% Duty Cycle, Mobile Welder


Build Your Own 400A, 100% Duty Cycle, Mobile Welder


A Simple to Build Generic Engine Driven Welder Cart Which Can Easily Adapt to Hold a Freestanding ZENA Mobile Welder

Metal Fabrication Techniques


Forming a Complex Shape in Sheet Metal with Compound Curves


Build Your Own Custom Tubing Bender
(very detailed photos for ideas - but not measured plans)


Instructions for Making an Angle Miter

Welding Techniques

1. Underwater Welding - General Information
Requires DC welder 300-400A with current on/off control
An ideal application for a 300-400 ZENA mobile welding system equipped with a ZENA special welding control interface.
Call us for more information.

All welding controls are built into the electrode holder

On ZENA welders,
ALL welding controls are
built INTO the electrode holder

Plans for Sale by Third Parties:

Need a low cost backhoe or a front end loader to dig trenches, have water & power lines installed, dig ditches and culverts, or for small earth moving projects?

CADplans corporation sells low-cost high-quality plans for a number of great do-it-yourself welding projects (backhoes, front end loaders, log splitters, tractor hitches, etc.) which are ideal for small farmers, contractors, etc.

Their products really work and their plans are really easy to use -- we've tried them ourselves -- very professional.

The folks at how-to-plans.com have a lot of different plans for sale at reasonable prices and offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on all of their plan kits.

Some plan sets even include CAD drawings, 3D drawings, step-by-step photos, parts lists and material sources.

If you don't see the project that you want on their site, they reportedly have a database with hundreds of how-to plans, OR they will even help you to find a resource for the desired item.


Want to build a small Sawmill? Or, a claw arm Log Loading Trailer? Or, a Wood Boiler?

The folks at Builditplans have low cost downloadable plans available.
Sources of Supplies:    

Not chasing ghosts --
the incredible ZENA
Backpak welder

Need small quantities of metal, or plastic, for a project?

The people at OnlineMetals.com are likely to have just what you need in stock.

They supply a wide range of stock lengths of all types of metal including cold and hot rolled steel, stainless steel, Aluminum, Copper, and Brass.

They will also sell their stock items cut to your custom specifications.

Remember that this page is ALWAYS "under construction" -- check back from time to time.

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