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An Easy to Build (on site) Spring House

Need an inexpensive cover or structure to protect a spring? Recycle an old hay feeding ring, some 1/2" rebar, some old tin roofing material, and (optionally) some old barn wood.

  1. The hay ring is cut in half to form one or two arches (which can be used singly or welded together to form a larger inside/covered area). If you don't have an old hay ring, arches may be formed by 20' lengths of rebar spaced about 8" apart.
  2. Dig a three sided foundation ditch using the base of the hay ring arch as a template. OR, if using rebar, dig the foundation ditch to the size desired.
  3. Set the arch/frame well into the foundation ditch, setting it on rocks, or bricks, or cinder block pieces, so that your frame held just off the ground. If using rebar, simply press ends into the base of the ditch about 6-12".
  4. For rebar structures, cut 10 lengths of rebar to the desired front to back length of your spring house. Weld the first length to the top inside of the arch to hold the individual arch components together. Space the rest around the inside of the arch and weld into place. You'll end up with a very strong structure.
  5. Weld a few rear vertical supports made from rebar into place, front and rear, space front supports so as to make a door frame or a suitable opening.
  6. Weld tin or "bolt" wood slats to the (flat) front and rear of the arch. Weld (or bolt) on hinges and cut out a doorway (add braces for wood doors) in the front.
  7. NOTE: When "bolting" wood components onto rebar, you can weld washers onto the structure and/or drill small bolt holes in the pieces. However, it's much quicker to drill a hole in the wood, place into it a suitable length bolt, hold temporarily with a clamp, wet the wood, and quickly weld the bolt to a frame member -- splashing water on the welded bolt and surrounding wood when done.
  8. Cover the arch with pieces of tin roofing material welded to the arch making sure to overlap edges where water can leak in. Finally pour concrete into the foundation ditch.

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