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3 year/36 Month Limited WarrantyA piece of critical mining equipment is broken. Your $5,000 mobile welder is not available, and you can't easily move the equipment to the shop.

Downtime, and the clock is ticking.
Time to try to get a commercial welder with mobile equipment to come over? Not if you have a ZENA™ mobile mine welder installed on a tractor, truck, or other mine vehicle. Just drive to the job. Connect welding/control cables to the power generator. Start the engine & set it to a fast idle. Start welding. Finish welding. Back to work.

Fast. Easy. Convenient. the
ZENA mobile welding system

A special mine welding version of the ZENA™ mobile welding system is now available. Made specifically for operation in highly corrosive mining environments, the ZENA™ mobile mine welder can be installed into virtually any mine vehicle (tractors, ATV's, trucks, emergency vehicles, forklifts, etc.), transforming it into a self-contained mobile welding station with performance and operating features that equal or exceed heavy and expensive transportable engine-driven industrial welders.

A unique (patent pending) solid-state control system allows the operator to control welding power from controls built into our electrode holder. There is no need to vary engine speed to control welding power, nor does the operator have to go back and forth between the vehicle and the work site to make adjustments to the equipment.

Our welder also utilizes technology to make it particularly easy to start and maintain a welding arc and which allows the operator to control weld penetration to a degree that makes welding a real pleasure.

For operator safety, power IS NOT supplied to the electrode holder UNLESS the operator depresses and holds a push-button safety control. Welder output is also ELECTRICALLY ISOLATED from the vehicle and earth ground. Try changing welding rods and/or welding while standing in a pool of water with any other stick welder. It can be very uncomfortable and very unsafe -- with the ZENA system, it's a snap!

The welder produces a very high frequency DC output in both standard and reverse polarity modes and produces an extraordinarily fine bead and a welding joint with better appearance and less impurities than most standard stick welders. Further, when compared with the welding performance of other DC welders, the the ZENA mobile mine welder provides greatly increased welding efficiency (arc temperature and penetration). Simply stated, a 150 amp. output from the ZENA welder is functionally equivalent to 180 amps. or more from an ordinary welder!

Thanks to cutting-edge technology, all ZENA welders, from our popular 150 amp model to our monster 600 amp systems, are ultra-compact, producing more power for a given size without sacrificing reliability or performance in any way. Compact sizing also makes installation/conversion relatively easy.

Usually the ZENA mobile mine welder is installed to work with a vehicle's existing electrical system. However, the welder's power generating unit can also be used to replace the vehicle's existing alternator. Operating (when not welding) as a high current power source that outperforms stock alternators.

High quality 20 foot long welding cables are standard equipment on all mine welders, and longer length cables (from 30 to 200 feet) are available on a custom order basis.

The ZENA mobile mine welder is available in four basic models:

  • Model MMW150

The Model MMW150 is a 150 amp. high frequency DC, 100% duty cycle (standard or reverse polarity) mobile mine welder (depending on ambient temperature and mode of installation). This system is compatible with all types of AC or DC welding rods ranging from 5/32" to 5/16" diameter and is designed for use with an existing 12 or 24V electrical system (which is used to provide from 1/4 to 6 amps. of power used by welding system's controls).

  • Model MMW200

The MMW200 is a 200 amp. high frequency DC, 100% duty cycle (standard or reverse polarity) mobile mine welder compatible with all types of AC or DC welding rods ranging from 5/32" to 1/4" diameter. It is designed for use with an existing 12 or 24V electrical system.

  • Accessories

A number of accessories are available to customize your welder installation or to add functionality. For example, do you need to operate power tools at a remote site? Use our power tool interface module to provide power for the operation of brush-driven tools that can utilize DC power (single speed grinders, drills, saws, etc.).

  • Other Uses

The ZENA system lends itself to other tasks. For example, it is an excellent battery boost charger, or a high-performance mobile power source.

The ZENA mobile mine welder is manufactured by ZENA, Incorporated in the USA and is sold with a 36 month limited warranty.

ZENA mine welders are distributed:

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