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Our Corporate Mission: A Welder for the World

We believe that our welding equipment has an important mission to perform.

Welding equipment of this quality, available at an economical price, can make a gigantic difference in small, remote places.

For example, a truly affordable welder capable of performing top quality industrial strength repairs in remote locations, while unheard before our welders came into existence, can be a key tool on a small farm -- or as a communal resource in a small village -- offering its owners a tool of unparalleled quality which direct enhances their ability to feed the people to whom they are responsible.

To fulfill our mission, our equipment must be affordable to the people who need it.

To insure this affordability, we (and the distributors whom we appoint) work to keep our profit margins, and prices, as low as possible. In countries where distributors are not currently appointed, we will sell factory direct to the end user -- at the lowest possible price

Our goal in this is simple:

We make the best commercial duty engine driven welder in the world. We also want it to be one of the most affordable!


While we will sell directly to end users, this does not mean that selling through distributors and retailers who provide a significant level of extra service and/or value to our shared customers customers (not the least of which is greatly reduced delivery costs), is not a key part of our global marketing plan.

The actions of distributors who add tangible value to the customer, and facilitate low cost product delivery in their marketing areas, can be of critical importance, and while their involvement in product distribution can sometimes add a bit to the product cost, the benefits typically far outweigh the bit of extra expense. Recognizing this, we have appointed a number of value added resellers and OEM's.

For example, these resellers can assist customers with welder installation, or they may incorporate our welders into products which they manufacture such as service trucks, reconditioned engine driven welders, etc.

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