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Welcome Boat Builders & Yachtsmen!


Never again venture off shore without a welder on board.

The ZENA™ mobile welding system is a self-contained, ultra-compact, retrofittable engine-driven, high-frequency DC welder which can be easily attached to any inboard diesel engine. Welder installation is simple and can be accomplished by a skilled do-it-yourselfer.

If your vessel can carry another 30 lb., you can have a 150 amp., 100% duty cycle, industrial quality arc welder with you at all times. Thanks to cutting-edge technology which allows the ZENA system's welding power generator to be incredibly compact without sacrificing reliability or performance. You get the power and capability of a $5,000 diesel powered mobile welder weighing over 1,000 lb. from a marine engine driven welder that takes up less than a cubic foot of space in your engine compartment!

Welding current is completely isolated from your vessel's electrical system, so installing a ZENA marine welder will not adversely affect existing electrical or mechanical systems.

This is no toy!

Weld or cut heavy plate, make repairs, fabricate items, -- even build a complete steel boat. The ultimate in cruising equipment -- literally indispensable for owners of yachts with aluminum hulls or yachts or work boats with steel hulls.

Featuring a unique electronic welding control system (patents pending), the ZENA system makes welding easier for the novice and offers the professional unparalleled control of the welding process. Our controls (which are built into the electrode holder) also provide significant safety features which are particularly important when operating offshore, or in difficult environmental conditions.

Built for 100% duty-cycle commercial use

The ZENA mobile welding system comes with a three (3) year limited warranty which does not exclude commercial or marine use. Built to meet or exceed military and underground mining equipment specifications, no other welder better meets the unique maintenance requirements of marine users as well as others who need access to superior, high-power welding equipment that can be used for steel construction or repair work anywhere -- operating ultra-reliably and ultra-safely in remote locations.

High quality 20 foot long welding cables are standard equipment on all models. Longer welding cables from 30 to 200 ft. are available on a custom order basis.

Accessories are also available which, for example, make it possible to use the welding power generator as a high amp alternator to quickly and safely charge batteries while cruising (or supply extra power for winches, etc.); provide automatic engine speed control; enable multiple power generating units to be combined to produce high welding currents; and to make installation easier and welder use more convenient.

Outfitting a Yacht? Not sure what accessories you might need or want for your application?

CLICK HERE to view a detailed application analysis -- a typical Steel Cruising Yacht is equipped with a ZENA welding system.

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