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ZENA mobile welding system

can easily be built into of any service truck or service truck body (including tow trucks, recovery vehicles, emergency vehicles, etc.), transforming the vehicle into a self-contained mobile welder with performance that exceeds heavy and expensive transportable engine-driven industrial welders -- at only a fraction of the cost, and with virtually no reduction in vehicle payload or cargo space! That's not all, by incorporating switching and voltage regulating accessories you can also have an electrically isolated, fully regulated, high amp. quick charging system!

Attach welding leads and you're welding, change to charging leads, dial in the charging current desired (from 40A to as much as 600A), clip the leads to a disabled vehicle, then drink a cup of coffee while the vehicle's battery is quickly and automatically charged. In just minutes, and without danger of explosion, the disabled vehicle's battery is ready to start the vehicle and let your customer drive away with enough energy to restart the vehicle should it stall before its alternator has had time to recharge the battery -- and, if the charging system is damaged, with sufficient energy to reach a service location under its own power.

Welder Underhood & Invisible -- Bed Free for Freight

Built to meet or exceed military and underground mining equipment specifications, all ZENA welders (direct or hydraulic drive) are ultra-compact, producing more power for a given size without sacrificing reliability or performance in any way. Compact sizing also makes service truck installation or truck body conversion very easy.

Unprecedented Operator Safety Features

Welding power IS NOT supplied to the electrode holder UNLESS the operator depresses and holds a push-button safety control. Welder output is also ELECTRICALLY ISOLATED from the vehicle and earth ground. Don't try changing welding rods and/or welding while standing in a pool of water with any other stick welder. It can be very uncomfortable and very unsafe -- with the ZENA system, it's a snap!

The same safety features come into play when the system is used as a quick charger. No current flows until you want it to, and you can stop charging in an instant -- without having to remove a jumper cable and risk shock or explosion.

Unique Electronic Control SystemAll welding controls are built into the electrode holder

Allows the operator to precisely control welding current from controls built into our electrode holder. There is no need to vary engine speed to control welding power, nor does the operator have to go back and forth between the service truck and the work site to make adjustments to the equipment. The same control system makes controllable high current quick charging available for a small additional investment.

Improved Welding Characteristics over Old Fashioned Technology

ZENA welders produce a very high frequency pulsating DC output in both standard and reverse polarity modes and produces an extraordinarily fine bead and a welding joint with better appearance and less impurities than any other DC stick welders. When compared with the welding performance of other DC welders, the ZENA mobile welding system provides greatly increased welding efficiency (arc temperature and penetration). Simply stated, a 150 amp. output from the ZENA system is functionally equivalent to 180 amps. or more from an ordinary welder!

Models for Every Application

  • All ZENA welders/chargers are rated for 100% duty cycle operation.

  • Models range from our popular 150 amp welder (perfect if you typically use 1/8” rods and do not need to use rods larger than 5/32”), to our 200 (1/16" to 5/16" rods), 300, 400, 450, and 600 amp welders.

  • All ZENA welders are compatible with all types of AC or DC welding rods.

  • High quality 20 foot long welding cables are standard equipment on all models, and longer length cables (from 30 to 200 feet) are available on a custom order basis.

Hydraulic, Air, & PTO Drive Welders

ZENA Hydraulic WelderNew for year 2000 are three unique self-contained welding systems designed for special applications, including OEM service truck / truck body systems:

  • Our hydraulic drive welders are perfect for use on modern service trucks. Complete ready to bolt on units are available or use a parts kit to incorporate the welder into a unique truck application.
  • Our compressed air driven welder is designed for mining applications.
  • And our PTO drive welder can be used on any farm tractor with a standard 3-point hitch and 540 RPM PTO.


Control vehicle engine speed and conserve fuel when not welding. Easy to install throttle control devices are available which have been designed to work perfectly with your welder's controls. Push the “power” button on your welding handle and your engine speeds up to a fast idle for welding -- when you let the button up, the automatically engine drops back to an idle.

Accessories to support high amp charging functions are also available. As are accessories which allow you to use ZENA power generators as high output alternators.

Made in the USA

ZENA mobile welding equipment is manufactured in the USA by ZENA, Incorporated and is sold with a 36 month limited warranty.

For more information:

Toll Free in USA: 877-ZENA INC (877-936-2462)

From outside USA: 615-897-2011

Or via Fax: 615-897-2023

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