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Assemble your own high output, ultra-efficient, engine driven, DC Genset using one, or more, ZENA® welding power generators!

Need portable AC Power? OR, underhood AC power? 1 KW to over 10 KW!

Care about fuel economy, operating cost, noise, reliability, and serviceability in remote areas?

Need an AC generating system which is lightweight, and ultra compact?

Want an AC power generation system which can be retrofitted to existing motors?

Want an AC power generator which does not require precise engine speed control, or constant monitoring?

Want a low cost AC generator that produces high quality AC current suitable for delicate electronics?

Want to do it yourself, and save a lot?

What is a DC Genset?

A DC Genset is the ultimate in efficient engine driven power generating technology.

A basic DC genset consists of:

one, or more, powerful DC generators (ZENA modular welding power generators are exceptionally well suited for this),

a DC voltage regulation/control system,

one, or more, DC to AC inverters, and

a storage battery bank of appropriate size.

Gensets can also be augmented with solar, wind, and hydroelectric power generating components for even greater efficiency.

A DC genset is the perfect high tech solution to high quality, reliable, and efficient AC power generation.

However, in addition to providing a fuel efficient source of engine driven AC power, DC gensets can also be multipurpose devises -- used, for example:

to produce fully regulated DC charging current for batteries, or

to produce a plentiful supply of fresh water in a marine application, by powering water purification equipment, or

to pump water for irrigation, or

to produce hydraulic power -- and/or,

by adding a few more components from the ZENA mobile welding system product line, you can even use your genset as a commercial duty DC welder!

Comparing DC Gensets to Traditional AC Generators:

A DC genset will typically be much lighter and smaller than a traditional engine driven AC power generator.

All components in a traditional AC generator must be physically large enough to handle both continuous and high short term startup loads (which can often be as much as twice the continuous load). Likewise, its engine must be powerful enough to drive the generator when supplying such loads.

However, a DC genset can use a smaller generator, and a smaller (and quieter) engine to supply the same electrical load. In a DC genset, both the engine, and the generator, are sized to efficiently meet the average continuous load for a given system -- simply drawing on reserve battery power whenever it's necessary to handle a large short term load. And, since precise engine speed control is not critical to system operation, engine speed can be varied and/or regulated, inexpensively, to save fuel -- and, to reduce engine noise when light power loads are supplied.

Precise engine speed control is not required.

To provide 50 or 60 Hz AC power, a traditional AC generator must be operated at a precise speed -- and, it must operate at this speed continuously -- regardless the load which is being driven. And, because engine speed control is of such critical importance in an AC generator, a great deal of extra expense is typically required for proper engine controls.

However, a DC genset does not need to run at any particular engine speed to provide a perfect 50 or 60 Hz AC current. And, since precise engine speed control is not critical to system operation, engine speed can even be varied and/or regulated, inexpensively (call us for information on stock and custom hardware options for engine speed control), to save fuel and to reduce engine noise when light power loads are encountered.

DC Gensets Offer Lower Fuel Consumption than Conventional Generators

With a DC genset, engine speed and/or drive power can be adjusted and/or varied (automatically or manually) to efficiently produce the exact amount of energy required by a given load/application. With conventional AC generators, engine operation at speed is continuous, and power is also generated more, or less, continually -- whether or not this power is required by the system load (or used for any other purpose).

DC Gensets Provide Superior Reliability

A DC genset is, typically, much simpler and smaller than a conventional AC generator and, moreover, has fewer, and less technologically critical components.

A DC Genset Can Multitask

In addition to generating electricity, the drive motor of a DC genset can be used to perform other tasks concurrently.

For example, liquid pumping (including hydraulic power), air compression, compression of heating and cooling gases, water filtering/processing, water heating, etc. are all possible alternate uses for such generating hardware.

DC to AC Inverters Produce AC Power Efficiently

AC inverters, thanks to many technological advances, can operate at well over 95% efficiency -- while providing power in a technically superior form -- when compared to that provided by typical low to medium cost, engine driven, AC power generation equipment.

With sufficient battery storage capacity, a charging/power supply system does not need to operate continuously and the inverter can silently, and instantly, deliver power to AC load devices as they are required. Even cycling its charging system "ON" when battery power is low.

Call Us to Discuss Your DC Genset Application

At ZENA, Incorporated, we have more than 20 years of expertise in adapting our power generating equipment to other specialized (and often nonstandard) DC power applications.

Call our sales department (615-897-2011) -- we will be happy to work with you on your system design.


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