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Can the ZENA 150A welder be hooked up to a small gas motor and become a portable welder? I've got a 5 hp motor. Do you have plans & kit to assemble this setup?

Yes, ZENA welders can be attached to any suitable free standing engine. However, a 5 hp gas motor is usually just not powerful enough to drive a 150A welder.

An engine (or other motor) capable of producing a minimum of 5.5 hp at 6,500 rpm is required directly drive the 150A ZENA power generator. You're gas motor produces 5 hp -- BUT ONLY AT ABOUT 3,200 rpm. If using pulleys and a V-belt to drive the power generator, as is usually the case when the power generator is attached to a drive engine, the ratio of the pulley diameters used will effect the minimum engine hp and speed specifications. For example:

NOTE: In most cases, when using this internal combustion engines, we find that extra horsepower is required to insure proper operation due to inadequate engine flywheel mass. Engines ranging from 16 to 20 HP have been used successfully drive 150A power generators without needing modification to the stock flywheel configuration.

Generally, our customers report that 14-20 HP gasoline engines (which are usually factory equipped with electric start and with built-in alternators) of the type often found on riding mowers generally make good welder drive engines. Kohler and Onan engines reportedly do particularly well, since they are frequently factory equipped with heavier flywheels. And, we have had many customers report that Honda's electric start 11 HP (and larger) engines make very good power sources for 150A welders.

Small, 6+ HP diesel engines also make excellent power sources for 150A wleders.

Customers further report that there are many very inexpensive used riding mowers on the market which have worn out mowing equipment, but which have perfectly good engines and often good transmissions as well. They also tell us that a "riding welder" is an extraordinarily useful configuration. We agree, and often use this type of welder for marketing presentations and trade show expositions -- as well as for general maintenance work.

We do not have formal plans for this type of installation, though we do have pictures and descriptions of such installations on our web site:

pictures of a 150A riding welder

pictures of a free standing 150A engine driven welder made using parts from an old 11 HP riding mower

pictures of a worn out engine driven welder retrofitted/repaired with a 200A ZENA welder

200A power generators
require about 7.5 HP @ 6,500 rpm for direct drive (approximately 50% more power than the 150A power generator. Otherwise, all of the comments above also apply to 200A power generators. If driving your 200A welder from a gas motor, expect to use an 18-22 HP, 2 cylinder gas engine. If using a small diesel, 8-12 HP should work quite well. If using and electric motor, you will need at least 10 HP @ 3,450 rpm.
Remember, when working with lower hp engines, flywheel mass must always be great enough to insure smooth operation under maximum load.

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