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I have a '99 Tahoe pickup truck. I want your 150 amp., 100% duty welder. You have more then one 150A welder listed. Which model should I order, the MW150?

The MW150 is our basic 150A, 100% duty welder and it is most typically used (without accessories) for tractor, stand-alone engine, and marine applications -- though, the MW150 is sometimes installed without accessories in trucks and 4x4's when cost is a factor and/or when the owner only anticipates occasional use.

Actually, our MW150K and our MW150KB, rather than the MW150 are the most often used models purchased for installation into trucks such as yours.

The MW150KB includes a number of extra items frequently purchased with welders when installing into trucks or 4x4's (particularly vehicles that will be used for commercial welding) -- ASC1 speed control, BJ150.4 cable extension/quick disconnect, A300 Bracket, A210 Bracket Extension, TBUCK tensioning bracket assy.

The MW150K is identical to the MW150KB except that it does not include the BJ150.4 cable extension/quick disconnect accessory.

Buying your welder as a kit is less expensive that buying the accessories separately

However, as noted previously, you do not have to have these accessories to fit a standard MW150 to this vehicle -- the basic MW150 will work without automatic speed control (you can set the throttle manually), and you can also work around the other accessories as well.

Whichever model you choose, remember that ALL ZENA welders are built, without compromise, from the ground up to handle commercial duty use.

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