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If they're so good, why haven't I heard about your ZENA welders before?

Two reasons:

The first is the response of conventional distributions channels to our unique technology -- and our incredibly low prices -- which are a direct result of our extraordinarily low manufacturing costs.

CLICK HERE for more on this.

The second is related to our marketing, management, and pricing strategies:

We have chosen to grow slowly, letting word of mouth be our primary advertising vehicle.

It takes a huge amount of money to nationally advertise and publicize a new product. When the product is as revolutionary as the ZENA welding system, it takes even more money -- since ads must provide a lot more information than would be necessary if the target audience already knew all about that type of product.

To raise the money to do this sort of advertising, most companies choose either go to venture capitalists, or to take their company public. In both cases, the strategic focus of management almost always changes from steady long term growth, to short term strategies which are usually focused on a need to show short, or near term, profitability -- often for no other purpose but to maintain stock prices and investor interest.

Advertising must also be paid for. To do this, product prices must be inflated, and fewer people can afford the product. (To see exactly how this works, just compare the price of generic medications to brand name varieties.) Another, even less satisfactory strategy is to cut corners and save costs -- sacrificing performance and reliability for more profits to pay for a huge advertising budget.

Perhaps if the ZENA welding system was not as good as it is, our word of mouth advertising plan, would be a bad strategy. However, month after month we sell more, and more welders -- primarily as the result of people being favorably exposed to the product by well satisfied ZENA welder owners who provide honest endorsements to their friends. CLICK HERE to see what some of our customers are saying.

We hope that you agree that this is better advertising than any that we could buy. (In fact, it's likely the reason that you are reading this page.)

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