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Why don't I see ZENA welders at my local welding equipment store?

We made a sales call to a large and very prominent industrial welding equipment distributor in our home state of Tennessee. All of their sales staff, and all of their technical support people attended the demonstration, as did all of the key members of the family which owned the business. After two hours of continuous hands on testing (with one of our 150A units mounted on a small lawn tractor) in which:

The verdict came in (from the owner):

"Son, when you told me that it would do everything that our R----- 8 would do, I really thought that you were blowing smoke. But it really does just what you say! In fact, my folks think that it works even better than you claim."

"But I'm not going to sell your welder. It just would not be good business for me. I sell that R----- 8 for between $2,500 and $3.000, depending on the discount that we give the customer while making the sale. And about half that is my profit."

"If I sell your welder, I'll only make, at most, a couple of hundred bucks. And, based on your commercial use warranty, I won't see that customer back for a good long while -- except to buy rods. I won't even make money servicing it -- they can send it back to you for much less than my basic shop rate for diagnosing the problem."

"Good luck son, it's really a great product you folks have put together."

How's that for an answer to your question?

From his response, which is not atypical (CLICK HERE for more on this), it appears we're sort of like the mythical inventor who made a car engine which ran on water, and never wore out. People who make cars that use conventional engines, or who sell gasoline, would be crazy to want anyone to find out about engines which run on water. On the other hand, people who buy and use automobiles would take a completely different view.

Thank goodness for the Internet.

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