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Why haven't I heard about your welders?

This is the most frequent of our frequently asked questions.

The simple answer has four parts:

In the welding field, before the introduction of the ZENA's light weight modular power generators, and our unique electronic controls, engine driven welder technology had remained constant for over 70 years. During this same period retail prices (and retail profit margins) always went up -- consistently year after year.

Our modular welders are a leap forward in engine driven welder technology. They are not simply the result of tiny, evolutionary improvements to existing products, or technologies. Our products are the result of innovation and independent scientific development -- the result of designing from "scratch" -- rejecting and questioning old methods and technologies, rather than assuming that existing methods must provide the only "correct" way to accomplish a given task. This technological leap also has a direct bearing on product cost and pricing.

Compared to conventional/old fashioned engine driven welders, ZENA welders can be manufactured at a much, much lower cost, without sacrificing quality or reliability in any way. Because of their extraordinarily low cost, and exceptional performance, not so surprisingly, our welders can be seen as an extraordinary economic threat to established distributors and manufacturers of welding equipment. They even have a name for it -- a Disruptive Technology.

For example:

It would be wonderful if we had the product awareness of a fast food chain, and if we had welder demonstration locations close to every prospective customer. However, until we do, it IS possible to assure customers who are not able to see and try our welders in advance, that our claims are completely truthful -- guaranteeing that they will be completely satisfied, in every way, with their purchase. We do this by offering a sixty day money back guarantee of satisfaction to all customers who buy welders directly from us.

The product and the technology is revolutionary -- but not untried.

Our welding equipment customers are not taking a risk on an unproven product, or a new company. ZENA has been in business for over 22 years, and the reliability of this welding system has been proven, on the job, by more than nine years of hard commercial use in the USA, and in other countries. For example, units in daily, multi-shift use in underground mines have been functioning for over 8 years are still working in severe environmental conditions where conventional mobile welders typically fail in less than a year!

Try one of our mobile welders for yourself. You will not be disappointed!

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