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Become One of Our Local Product Contacts

ZENA welding system mounted on a tractor How does it work?

Simple. Just call us, and if we do not already have a dealer, or a designated Local Product Contact, servicing your geographical marketing area (including locations outside the USA), and servicing your specific application type (i.e., professional welders, off-road, construction, mining, etc.), we'll allow you to buy a single MW150, MW150K, or MW150KB, for your own use, at a very significant discount from our normal direct sale price.

To earn the discount, you simply agree to allow us to give your name, and phone number, and e-mail address, to prospective customers in your area and encourage them to contact you to ask about your experience with our welders. If they decide to call you, you answer their questions -- honestly. That's it!

NOTE: Names and phone numbers of Local Product Contacts are not, and will never be, published on our web site (or in any other way), nor will such information be shared with, or communicated to, any commercial entities. This information is only disclosed, privately, on a one to one basis, by our staff, when speaking, or communicating, directly with prospective customers living near a particular Local Product Contact.

Why are we doing this?

People read about, and hear about our welders, and very frequently, the are very skeptical. And, given the many products which are shamefully misrepresented, we find this skepticism perfectly understandable -- particularly when they first discover a product as revolutionary as is ours. (We invented it, and we still find ourselves amazed at just how good it is!)

For example, they read brochures and ads that tell them that ZENA welders offer performance equal to, or better than, top of the line $3,000 to $6,000 name brand engine driven welders. They read about, and hear about new technology, convenience, reliability, ultra compact size, ease of installation, weld quality, ease of use, fingertip controls, 100% duty cycle power, and even why a product such as ours (a disruptive technology) is not being touted by conventional local welding equipment distributors. It all sounds too good to be true.

When we go on to describe how our products are incredibly inexpensive -- thanks to new technology (and great engineering) which simply makes them much less expensive to build. And that we take great pride in being able to sell our top quality commercial welders for only a fraction of the cost for which other companies sell their lowest cost hobby/limited duty welders. It just gets worse!

Even though we explain that, because of this, we don't have to cut corners just to put out an affordable product. And that, as a company, we ARE NOT interested in building a product which will last only as long as its warranty, but rather, a top quality, commercial duty welder with no performance or reliability limiting compromises whatsoever. They really begin to wonder what's going on!

We know that this is often very, very hard for many people to believe. But we also know, as do all ZENA welder owners, that ALL of our claims are 100% accurate. We will not, and DO NOT make exaggerations, or indulge in marketing hype, or attempt to mislead our customers in any way. (Just try to find another manufacturer of welding equipment who will let you try their welder for 60 days, and who will give you your money back if you are not 100% satisfied!)

This is why we put so much technical detail in our web site -- and why we encourage prospective customers to call our factory (toll free - 877-936-2462), and ask questions -- getting answers from a real person, who knows about welding and our products. It's a simple marketing concept that we have. Don't lie to customers, and deliver a product which works exactly as advertised.

But we have found that no matter how we promote our products -- work of mouth advertising is key. We find, over and over, that most of our sales result from satisfied customers demonstrating or simply telling their friends, customers, and business associates about us and our products.

This is where you come in.

We never violate the privacy of our welder owners. We don't tell others who the are, or encourage people to call them. But, from time to time, we have customers who call us and offer to be available to discuss our welder and relate their experience with it, and with us, to others. These people have been a fantastic resource, but we don't have many of them.

While it is natural to be skeptical of any claims made by a product manufacturer, personal reports from real customers are an entirely another matter!

We want more people like this. And, if you agree to join them, we are willing to compensate you (with a huge discount on your welder purchase), in advance, for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Interested in participating?

Just call, or e-mail, our office, and check your location with our marketing staff to see if you would qualify. If you do, we will set you up in our database. This is a "handshake" agreement. NO requirement for you to sign any sort contract.

NOTE: If you are interested, don't delay contacting us. This offer is very strictly limited. Currently, we have designated about 150 trading areas for which we are seeking Local Product Contacts. When we have an individual in each area, that's it!


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