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How are people using ZENA mobile welders?

Currently, many of our customers use the product in commercial situations. We have welders which are seeing daily use in factories, construction sites, and farms.
We even have special corrosion resistant units hard at work more than 2,000 foot underground, three shifts/per day, in a huge Zinc mine! A site where our customer reports that they were replacing $4,000 engine driven welders after less than a year of use due to the extremely harsh environmental conditions (water, high humidity, corrosive chemicals, etc.) that exist in their workplace. For them, the ZENA welding system is a very, very cost effective solution to their ongoing maintenance requirements. In this particular application, units are mounted on maintenance trucks and tractors which roam the mine -- with plans to place additional units on John Deere Gator utility vehicles and on other yellow equipment.

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