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Can a 150 or 200 series power generator replace a regular alternator in a car or truck? Would it still put out 150 or 200 amps @ 12 volts? What is the price?

Yes, our 150A and 200A power generators can replace an existing alternator -- when equipped with an appropriate external voltage regulator. And, yes, either model will deliver its full rated welding power for battery charging in a 12V vehicle electrical system (at any desired charging voltage between 12-15V). Multiple power generators can even be installed on a single drive engine and interconnected to produce even higher amperages (to over 800A, space permitting) for charging (or welding).

Note, however, that our welding power generators differ from standard alternators. In this regard, the following points should be noted:

Yes, voltage regulators and other external electrical control devices provide this same protection, but such electrical systems can fail. For this reason almost all automotive manufacturers choose to only use alternators which are physically unable to produce voltages which could damage expensive electrical systems. Using this method in addition to the safety provided by voltage regulators and other electrical controls, makes over voltage damage when using stock alternators almost impossible.

If your vehicle is equipped with such an alternator, changing to any other type may void your vehicle warranty. This is a key reason why we electrically isolate our welding power generators from the vehicle electrical system and why we recommend installing our generators in addition to the stock alternator rather than as a replacement for it. When properly installed in this way, no possibility of damage to vehicle electrical systems exists -- even when welding (with wither straight or reverse polarity) on the vehicle in which the system is installed.

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