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Is a MIG welding torch attachment available for your welders?


We offer a couple of MIG adapters for our welding systems. We do not supply the torch or spool feeder but, rather, provide adapters which can be used to convert any high quality spool gun or spool feeder to work with the ZENA mobile welding system.

MIG is admittedly themost popular welding method choice for thin gauge sheet metal and production line shop welders. However, gas shielded MIG welders do not usually work well in windy or wet conditions, and (in our experience) flux core MIG welders do not produce really good quality joints, and the limited availability of wire that is not either mild steel or aluminum greatly limits the utility of MIG systems in the field.

Stick systems are excellent for outdoor/rough conditions/thicker metal components, and offer a very wide range of easy to obtain of rod material choices. (Stainless, cast iron compatible alloys, aluminum, low hydrogen steel, mild steel, just to name a few.)

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