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Does your generator provide pure DC power? I have heard that a "chopped DC" is much easier on switches etc. Is this what you do, and do you have any comments on this?

Our power generator produces pure DC welding current. The term "chopped DC" is another way of describing a DC square wave which varies (switching almost instantly) from O volts to some higher maximum DC voltage.

Low cost DC to AC inverters produce such a wave form with an amplitude of approximately 100-110V, typically at 50-60 Hz. This signal may work with some devices with transformers and/or other power supply designs which can use this sort of signal -- and it will certainly power tools and lights. However, there are no guarantees that this sort of power supply will work properly on more sensitive devices that are designed to use true AC house current. More expensive converters produce a true sinusoidal wave form that is almost identical in amplitude and frequency to the AC signal that is produced by your power company.

It "pays" to use the high quality devices to power your expensive electronic equipment.

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