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Will a ZENA welder function as a MIG power supply?

Yes -- and quite a good one, based on independent tests by our distributors and commercial customers.

However, using a ZENA power generator with MIG or TIG equipment requires the use of a power/control adapter. CLICK HERE for info on individual adapter models.

Note however, that the ZENA welder does not include a sparking system to facilitate TIG arc starting and, therefore, your TIG arc must be started by scratching. Normal care not to stick the TIG electrode to the material and contaminate your weld joint is required.

Note, also, that the output of the ZENA power generator is DC, not AC, so AC TIG welding is not possible -- only DC TIG.

DC TIG welding is not recommended for welding thin aluminum. DC is perfect for TIG welding other materials. But, going strictly "by the book", AC should be used for TIG welding aluminum, not DC.

With this said, we have had customers report that they have achieved good results welding aluminum, however, we can not guarantee that this will hold for all cases.

Call us, or CLICK HERE, for more information on MIG and/or TIG welding with the ZENA mobile welding system.

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NOTE: These adapters work with MIG, FCAW, and TIG equipment designed to work with engine driven welders made by Miller, Lincoln, Hobart, Century, Esab, HTP, Mitsubishi, Thermal Arc, Tweco, Forney, Mobi Weld, Premier Power, Mobi Arc, and other companies. When comparing specifications, you will find that our 150A welding power generator is comparable to, and will do the same job as, for example, a Miller 225 Bobcat welder, a Hobart 250A welder, a Century 200A welder, or a Lincoln Ranger 8 welder. Of course, 160A, 175A, 180A, 275A, or even 300A, or 400A welders would be also in the same category.

NOTE2: These adapters are perfect for service trucks (particularly popular are Ford Chevrolet and Dodge Diesels) and all types of 4x4's (including Jeep, International, and Toyota), this welder can also be installed on all types of heavy equipment, including backhoes, front end loaders, track loaders, forklifts, and tractors as well as all types of utility vehicle.