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Do you have installation kits?

We don't make "bolt-in" bracket kits for any specific engine (or vehicle) and many of our customers simply make their own installation brackets -- typically a fairly simple process. However, we do have a number of generic / "universal" brackets and other accessories which may, depending on the type of installation which you are planning, make the process easier -- or add to the utility and/or convenience of your welder. In fact, depending on your specific installation plans, combining a few such generic bracketing components can often result in a custom "bolt-in" installation kit.

We also have dealers who can provide kits for some vehicle and/or freestanding engine installations. Call our sales department for more on this.

From time to time, we publish information that can assist you with specific installations and with the fabrication of installation hardware. For example --> click here to see a set of plans to make a bracket assembly for a small Kubota Tractor.

That's not all!

Bracketing Accessory Kits for Specific Installations:

For truck installations, our most popular bracketing components are the A300A (or the weldable version A300) and the larger A400A bracketing accessories (which are used to provide an easy to attach pivot mount point for the 150A and 200A welding power generators), and the TBUCK or the A215 are bracketing components which are often used to set/adjust belt tension on 150A generators. For the 200A generators (and for many 150A installations) these tensioning components are replaced by a A215 or A220 curved and slotted steel (weldable) tensioning bracket. These generic bracketing components are also very popular installation accessories for tractor installations.

Finally, for a vehicle installation, you may want to consider adding our most popular installation accessory -- the ASC1 automatic speed control kit, or our almost equally popular BJ150.4 quick disconnect/cable extension kit.



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