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Will the ZENA welding system stand up to commercial use?


All ZENA welding systems are designed for 100% duty commercial/industrial use. We don't make anything less and our warranty has NO limitations or restrictions on commercial use.

And we're not guessing. The long-term reliability of the ZENA system has been proven by hard, real-world, commercial use in the USA and other countries. For example, we have followed the performance of a number of ZENA 150 and 200 amp welders which have been used for daily maintenance tasks (7 days/week, 24 hour/day work schedules) in underground mines for over 4-1/2 years --- and they are still working, without a single system failure, in severe environmental conditions where conventional mobile welders typically fail in a year or less!

Reliability in severe operating conditions is a key reason why companies like the world renowned, and highly respected, man lift equipment manufacturer, Genie Industries, choose to incorporate factory installed ZENA mobile welders into their commercial duty products.

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