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ZENA News Release Archive --- Release Dated 10/20/02:

ZENA mobile welding system

Genie Weld Master Man Lift
now available, factory installed, in Genie self propelled industrial man lift equipment!

Genie Industries is now offering a special OEM version of the standard ZENA MW200 welder in their industrial man lifts.

Genie calls their new option for their Telescopic Stick Booms and Scissor Lifts the Weld Master. Weld Master equipped man lifts come in various configurations and feature 40', 60', 80', and 100' working/lift heights.

Genie man lifts are found on construction sites all over the world. They are renowned for their reliability and durability, and are typically owned by large construction companies or are rented from industrial equipment rental companies.

Genie Weld Master (Stick Version) Man Lift Basket
Prior to Genie's introduction of the Weld Master option, a renter (or owner) of a man lift had to purchase or rent a separate engine driven welder, and equip it with welding leads long enough to reach the working height at a particular job. Then, negating much of the utility of a "drive around" man lift, the engine driven welder has to be towed around the work site. Greatly increasing the expense and complexity of using the lifts with welding equipment on the job sit -- in fact, such a system usually requires the addition of an extra person to "make it work".

With the ZENA welding system installed, productivity increases and costs decrease -- dramatically. For example, rental and fuel costs are cut in half, welding and lift operation becomes a one man job, and the self propelled man lifts with their built-in welders become much easier operate and much faster moving on the job site.

All of Genie's Weld Masters feature an OEM version of the ZENA MW200 (200A/100% duty) welding system. These welders sport special wiring harnesses and electrode holders designed to exactly fit Genie's various lift models, but in all other respects are identical to ZENA's standard 200 amp. welders. Once installed in the factory, the Weld Master equipped lift is ready for the sort of severe dawn to dusk, seven day a week, commercial welding work that rental equipment must take in stride.
Genie Weld Master w/Wire Feed Option

Weld Master equipped lifts are available, from the Genie factory, with optional ZENA system welding accessories such as the model SFI spool feeder interface and the model SGPS spool gun power supply -- that add MIG and/or TIG capability to the basic ZENA stick welder. And, as with all ZENA welders, the resulting MIG systems provide the user with complete electronic remote control of the power generator -- including a safety interlock which insures that the welding electrode is only "hot" when the operator desires to weld.

Genie also offers their customers custom control configurations -- adding foot switch operated welding controls as well as the standard ZENA welding controls which are incorporated into the electrode holder.

In the near future,

  • "Bolt-On" retrofit kits to add ZENA welders to the thousands of existing man lifts all over the world.
  • 2.5KW AC power systems which will utilize an AC inverter powered by the ZENA 200A power generator -- providing AC power "in the basket" for use in operating a wide range of power tools.

Take a look at what people who've used the new Genie Weld Master equipped lifts are saying:

J&S Mobile Welding to ZENA, Incorporated:

Dear Sirs:

I'm a professional welder with a major welding contractor in the US.

We currently use Genie personal man lifts, and some of them have a welder built in to the basket. If this is, your ZENA mobile welding system, then please call me as I plan to purchase one for my new company (J&S Mobile Welding).

This welder on the Genie lift has that hi freq. sound (harmonic) that your F.A.Q.'s have discussed - so I believe that I have found the right company.

Again, I am a PROFESSIONAL welder. I weld every day on critical structural joints in all positions and many thickness with top of the line equipment, i.e., Miller Trailblazer diesel engine driven large frame tow-able welders (both leased and brand new), and I will swear under oath that your welder is not only more convenient but the best running welder I have EVER used!

What model welder, accessories, and setup would I need for my '93 Chevy S-10 blazer with a 4.3L V-6 engine with serpentine belt setup. I currently have a Miller Bobcat 250 NT gasoline welder that is doing great but the convenience of your system could be a cost effective benefit to my company.
Genie Weld Master Man Lift

ZENA, Inc. to J&S Welding:

Dear J&S Welding:

Yes, we supply the welders used on Genie lifts. Genie purchases our 200A units (model MW200) as a kit of parts which they factory install, and they also equip some lifts with various control options and other accessories which we also manufacture (i.e., automatic speed control system, MIG interfaces for spool feeders and spool guns, foot switch control systems, etc.).

A 150A stick welding system truck kit with 20' leads, automatic speed control, a quick disconnect system, and a single-V Add-A-Pulley power take off will cost you $775 + shipping.

A 200A stick welding system (identical to the one used on the Genie lifts) for your truck with 20' leads, a quick disconnect system, automatic speed control, and a double-V Add-A-Pulley power take off will cost you $1,175 + shipping.

If you need longer leads, the cost is $40 per extra 10' length (both ground and electrode holder lead are extended). In addition to longer leads, lead segments are also available that will work with the quick disconnect system.

ALL of our welders are 100% duty cycle, and ALL welders and accessories come with a 3 year warranty -- with NO restrictions on commercial use. Other than power, welding characteristics are identical on all of our welding systems.

Higher amperages are available for cutting, gouging -- or for single engine multiple operator systems -- 300-800+ amps.

Please feel free to call if we can be of any further help, or if you want to discuss your specific application in more detail before placing your order.

ZENA's Unique Electronic Control SystemAll welding controls are built into the electrode holderis Key to Productivity, Safety, and Convenience

ZENA's unique, patented welding power generation and control technology allows the operator to precisely control welding current from controls built into the welding electrode holder. There is no need to vary engine speed to control welding power, nor does the operator have to use an assistant on the ground to control a conventional engine driven welder. OR, as is done in some Genie lifts, the welder controls can be built into or attached to an existing control panel (Genie attaches the controls to the operator's control panel).

Welder controls can also be built into a MIG spool feeder, or attached to a MIG spool gun.

A key factor in Genie's choice of the ZENA welder for their lifts is the significantly improved welding characteristics over conventional welders

ZENA welders produce a very high frequency pulsating DC output in both standard and reverse polarity modes and produces an extraordinarily fine bead and a welding joint with better appearance and less impurities than any other DC stick welders. When compared with the welding performance of other DC welders, the ZENA mobile welding system provides greatly increased welding efficiency (arc temperature and penetration). Simply stated, a 200 amp. output from the ZENA system is functionally equivalent to 240 amps. from an ordinary welder!

Like Genie man lifts ZENA welders are Made in the USA!

ZENA mobile welding equipment is manufactured in the USA by ZENA, Incorporated and is sold with a 36 month limited warranty.

For more information:

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